25 Best Hiking Leggings [Suitable For Men & Women]

The plan was to be in the middle of the team. After all, it’s better to stay in the middle of the pack when hiking on such a challenging route.

But what’s that!? The team has gone far ahead of you or you’re just too slow. Looking for something to blame? Then blame your non-flexible pant for slowing you down.

What about an easier solution? Just put on the best hiking leggings and we bet nothing can stop you from moving faster once again.

But where are you going to get them? Planning to roam from store to store or keep scrolling online?

Well, you won’t have to go anywhere as we’ve brought what you’ve asked for. All you have to do is just scroll a bit down to find your one out.

Columbia 1861211

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For: Women (All Season)
Material: 91% Polyester, 9% Elastane
Top Features: Button Closure, Blocks UVA/UVB Rays, Water Resistant Fabric, Contoured High Waistband, Comfort-Stretch Fabric, Two Zippered Hand Pockets
Fjallraven Abisko Tights

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For: Women (All Season)
Material: Elastane, Nylon, Polyamide, Polyester
Top Features: Drawstring Closure, Stretch Fabric, Reinforcements at Knees and Rear, Wide Waistband, Map Pocket, Smaller Zippered Pocket, Gusset at Crotch
Kari Traa Merino Pant

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For: Women (Winter Only)
Material: 100% Merino Wool
Top Features: Machine Wash, Full-Length, Feminine, Tight Silhouette, 4-Way Stretch, Jacquard-Knit Elastic Waistband
Minus33 Expedition

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For: Men (Winter Only)
Material: 100% Merino Wool
Top Features: Machine Wash, Thermal Bottom, No Itch Renewable Fabric, Sizes XS to 3X
Duofold Double-Layer Thermal Leggings

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For: Women (Winter Only)
Material: 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex
Top Features: Drawstring Closure, Double-layer thermal Protection, Drawcord at Waist, Warmest, Heavyweight
Kari Traa Alelam Pants

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For: Women (Winter Only)
Material: 100% Merino Wool
Top Features: Lightweight, Machine Washable, Lightest Baselayer, Breathable, 4-Way Stretch
ZERDOCEAN Women's Plus Size

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For: Women (Plus Size)
Material: 100% Cotton
Top Features: Plus Size, Anti Pilling, Elastic Waistband, 26.5" Inseam Length

Benefits Of Leggings For Hiking


Maybe so far, all you’ve thought of as the perfect cloth for hiking was the hiking pants. But trust us, leggings are far better than those pants in tons of ways.

Want to know how? Check the following reasons, and you’ll get your answer.

  • Breathability

There’s no way to deny that the leggings are one of the most breathable wearings and also the versatile ones.

As for hiking, you need clothes that are breathable enough while you’re struggling with the tough terrain. And guess what can get you that with ease?

Leggings with the right fabric!

  • Affordable

If you’ve checked out the price tags of hiking garments lately, then you already know they can take you close enough to break a bank.

So, if you really want to save some bucks there, hiking leggings are more of a better option.

  • Ease Of Packing

Unlike all those heavy hiking pants, hiking leggings will eat up less of the space in your bag.

So, if you like to keep the hiking backpack compact, putting some leggings in there surely will be a great help.

The Best Hiking Leggings Review

Wish we could just give you a simple list of leggings with the tag of ‘top’ on it.

But that way, all you’re going to get is some more confusion. So, won’t it be better to give you lists for each of the segments?

Well, that’s what we’re going to do. Just stick with us till you get what you were looking for.

Best Women’s Hiking Leggings

best hiking leggings for women

The word ‘leggings’ somehow has started to feel like the thing is for women only.

Seeing the appeal and comfort level they deliver, the brands had to bring something for women who love hiking.

So, we thought of starting our review segment with the Top 7 women’s hiking leggings.

#1. Columbia 1861211

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The days are long gone when only men used to have all the ‘hiking’ fun. Now women also have come on an even stage there, and team Columbia knows that pretty well.

So, they thought of bringing in the 1861211, the Back Beauty Slim Leg Pant.

With the perfect combination of 91% Polyester and 9% Elastane, the makers of this pant not only have hit the ceiling of comfort but durability as well.

If you’re expecting to end up with another imperfect pair of fit pants, then you’re going to be really disappointed this time as this one only knows how to fit perfectly.

But isn’t it what every manufacturer says? Then what’s so exceptional about this one. Well, there’s not one but two of them. The Omni-Shade™ UPF sun-protection and the Omni-Shield™ advanced repellency.

You’re not new to the bad side of the sun. But Omni-shade is here to be your next shield against that. As it blocks both UVA and UVB, it lowers the chances of you getting caught up with skin damage or sunburn.

And the Omni-Shield? Well, in case you ever give the dirtiest trails a shot, you won’t have to hold yourself back as this one comes with the stain and water repellency system.

So, if you love keeping yourself away from water and dirt, that’s going to be easy as pie.

By the way, don’t think you’ll have to lay your hand on it only when you’ll need them for your next hiking adventure. With maximum versatility, you can use them anywhere like indoors and out.

Plus, it’s machine washable. So, you don’t need to think twice before putting it into your washing machine.

  • Perfectly fits the body
  • Highly comfortable and durable
  • Saves from skin damage or sunburn
  • Repels water and stains
  • Compatible for both indoor and outdoor
  • The fabric is a bit thin

#2. Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tights

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If breathability is your priority while grabbing a hiking outfit, then the one name that jumps up in your head to suggest is of the Fjallraven.

But, if it’s the right legging that you have in mind for hiking, then we say you better check their Abisko Trekking Tights right now.

These tights are made of high-quality Nylon, Polyamide, Polyester, and Elastane. So, if there’s anything you’ll get the most here, it’ll be breathability.

On top of that, to let you have the best hiking experience, its stretchy fabric easily delivers maximum flexibility.

By the way, team Fjallraven just didn’t only focus on making it an extendable fabric, but also a durable one. So, even on your harshest adventure, it’ll keep up with you without letting you complain even a bit.

By the way, it’s always amazing at wicking away the moisture. So, you can say goodbye to that irritation too.

Now let’s give some attention to the design. No, the drawstring closure is not the only good part about this one.

Its reinforcements at the knees along with adding some extra visual appeal also have ensured some additional protection. You won’t miss having similar protection on your rear too.

And of course, you’ll get all the extra storage space you need in the right leg’s map pocket and the zippered pocket on its left.

Don’t think that wide waistband is there to keep it only in place, but you’ll see a security pocket there as well.

By the way, do you need to hang gear or something? Then let the clip-on loop handle that.

  • Highly stretchy and flexible
  • Breathability at its peak
  • Capable of lasting longer
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Comes with a good number of pockets
  • A bit pricy

#3. Kari Traa Merino Wool Thermal Pants

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When hiking is in your blood, it’s nothing but impossible to hold yourself back from getting out for you a new adventure.

Now the problem is when winter starts hitting real hard, that spirit somehow gets pushed back. But don’t worry; Kari Traa is here with their Merino Wool Thermal Pants to get you back on the track.

One of the best things about woolen clothes is they’re often made as super comfy. These thermal pants ain’t any different there too.

But, what you’re going to love the most about these is the fitting. Thanks to the 4-way stretch feature for making it easier than ever.

And what to say about its classy design? With it, all you’re going to get is a flawless feminine vibe. By the way, don’t think just because they’re made of 100% merino wool you’ll have any trouble with washing them in your machine.

We know what you’re thinking. The odor, right?

Well, before going ahead with it, we better tell you these pants come with natural odor resistance. If you’re waiting to get that stinky feeling from these, you’re wasting your time.

Have you noticed the thinner side panels? They are there so that you can have a better level of breathability.

Plus, their jacquard-knit elastic waistband won’t let you pull it up again and again by keeping the pants in their place for the rest of the day.

Wait a minute!

Who said that you can’t use them for anything but hiking? Go for any outdoor activities, and you’re free to put them on.

  • High on the comfort
  • Washable in machines
  • stretchable in four-way
  • Perfect for any outdoor activity
  • Has better breathability level
  • Not the for the hot weather

#4. Columbia Baselayer Women’s Tight

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Guess who’s back again! Yup, you’ve already seen the headline. It’s Columbia, and this time they’ve come up with the Midweight Baselayer Women’s Tight in their bucket.

To end up your sufferings in the winter, the makers have thoughtfully designed it and made it the compression base layer.

Now you might run short of anything but not the warmth for sure. On top of that, the thermal-reflective lining is something you’ll find marvelously useful for retaining your body heat.

Still, feeling doubtful about it? Okay! The pants are made especially for snowy trails, regular hiking, skiing, and any other snow sports.

Now you think, how can any outfit call themselves compatible for these if they can’t even keep you warm?

We know when it’s winter, you just can’t help the wetness. But looks like team Columbia has decided to help you out with it as these pants are made of Ultra-wicking fabric.

So, when it comes to moving the sweat away from your skin, these pants can do that in the finest way.

And the bacteria? They’ve got no chance of growing on your skin, especially when the Antimicrobial treatment is here to save your day.

So, unlike the regular fabrics, you’ve got literally zero chance of getting stuck with any bacterial skin infection.

But what about the comfort and fitting? Well, the pants are made of 85% polyester and 15% elastane.

So, in the case of comfort, you ain’t going to have much of a chance to question it. And for fit, the flat seam construction backed by 4-way comfort stretch got it all covered.

  • Made of comfortable fabric
  • 4-way stretch helps with the fitting
  • Flat seam construction eliminates discomfort
  • Doesn’t let bacteria grow within
  • Good at wicking the sweat away
  • A bit more thickness would’ve been better

#5. Icebreaker Merino 175 Everyday Leggings

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No! We’re not done with the wool leggings yet. We’ve still got some more to tell you about, and the next one on the list is probably a name you’ve heard more than a hundred times.

Yes, it’s the Icebreaker and what they’ve come with is the Merino 175 Everyday Leggings.

Whenever we try to picture clothes made of wool, the first thing that comes to our mind is a bulky structure. But team Icebreaker knows it’s not something that you want to see in your next hiking leggings.

So, they’ve made these leggings with 100% fine merino wool but didn’t forget it give it a slim-fit design.

Due to being made of merino, the leggings are so light that you won’t even feel it on your body but will definitely feel the warmth to the fullest.

And unlike the regular wool, you won’t get any itchy or clammy feeling. But what you’ll get more than enough is comfort.

Surprisingly what was more of a game-changer for these leggings was they being resistant to odor. So, if in the cold days you don’t feel like leaving the warmth behind, you can keep them on yet won’t get the smell at all.

And the breathability? If you have to mark it, you can give it nothing but a full score there.

Now comes the question is will it be versatile or not. Well, get ready to get surprised once again. These leggings can keep you warm in cold and cold in warm.

So, if you don’t call it versatile, then we don’t know what is.

  • Maximizes the warmth
  • Non-itchy and non-clammy
  • Highly breathable and comfortable
  • Capable of resisting the odor
  • Fits easily and perfectly
  • Has no pockets

#6. Eddie Bauer Trail Tight Leggings

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For hiking and scrambling, we often go for clothes made of some rough and tough fabric that can sustain any environment.

But, team Eddie Bauer has tried with their Trail Tight Leggings to give you the same feeling but in more of a comfortable way.

Like any other top brand, this one also has prioritized comfort once again. After seeing they’ve used 88% polyester and 12% spandex in the construction, it was easy to guess.

Now along with feeling comfortable, you’ll get the maximum flexibility as well.

And of course, how can they miss giving it the FreeShade sun protection? After all, isn’t it what you need to save your skin from the sun?

By the way, this moisture-wicking fabric also came with a touch of Polygiene odor-control technology. So you won’t have to deal with that irritating odor anymore.

One more thing! Isn’t something important as the ID or keys require being in a secured place?

Looks like team Eddie Bauer understood that pretty well, and at the right hip, they’ve got you a hidden waistband pocket so that you can keep it all there.

Plus, its figure-flattering high-rise style is so supportive that you won’t even feel the necessity of pulling it up after walking every single mile.

A fair share of thanks for that goes to its Power Mesh waistband too for ensuring a secure fit that’ll stay that way as long as you need.

On top of that, to get you some additional storage space, the makers have added angled side pockets too.

Like a cherry on the top, their chafe-free zips won’t make you feel uneasy at all.

  • Protects the skin from the sun
  • High on flexibility and comfort
  • Always keeps it odor-free
  • Pockets has chafe-free zips
  • Keeps the fitting intact all the time
  • Comparatively thin fabric

#7. Icebreaker 200 Oasis Leggings

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Icebreaker has always been on the list of brands that know what the buyers are looking for in their next purchase, especially when it’s hiking leggings.

So, once again, they’ve brought another fantastic piece of clothing and named it the 200 Oasis Leggings.

If you look at the comfort chart, wool clothing was always there. Keeping that in mind, team Icebreaker has used 100% merino wool to give these leggings a wearable structure.

So, at least for comfort, you won’t have to peek anywhere else. And in winter, you can rely on these with closed eyes for total insulation.

But what about the breathability? Well, no matter what kind of weather you’re dealing with, you’re going to get total breathability in these leggings.

And even after putting them on for the whole day, their odor resistance feature won’t let the stinky feeling come near you.

And when it comes to hiking and camping, you’ll feel like these leggings are probably the most flexible ones you’ve bought so far.

Not only that, but you can put them on while skiing as well, and the same goes for using them as daily wear too.

FYI, they’re machine washable, in case you were confused about putting them in the washing machine.

Besides, if you’ve been worrying about the fitting, then the brushed elastic waistband is here to keep it fit on the waist for you.

Plus, you can also say goodbye to chafing as it comes with flat-lock seams.

  • Perfectly breathable and comfortable
  • Capable of resisting odor
  • Helps in regulating body temperature
  • Keeps the chafing at minimum
  • Compatible for any outdoor activities
  • Not for users with a wool allergy

Best Men’s Hiking Leggings

As a part of the modern world, you already know how rapidly the gap is getting narrowed between men and women.

So, if we’ve already told you about the finest hiking leggings for women, then we believe we better do the same for men as well.

After all, in the question of comfort, they all are the same.

So, let’s get started with our top hiking leggings for men then?

#8. Minus33 Expedition Weight Bottom

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Men are often accused of being more interested in tougher trails (for example, Tenerife) while hiking. This means they need something that can keep up with them on those harsh routes.

If you too agree with that, then what do you say about giving Expedition Weight Bottom from Minus33 a shot?

Let’s begin with the softness and comfort of the fabric first. As the makers used 100% Merino Wool here, it’s kind of impossible for you to have any shortage on any of them. And warmth?

It’s made of merino wool. So we don’t think you need so much on that. Even the coldest weather doesn’t stand a chance after putting it on.

It’s quite obvious that a brand like Minus33 will always ensure fitting and breathability. But where they’ve literally changed the game is by the moisture-wicking feature.

Rather than letting you bath inside with sweat, the fabric absorbs the moisture on the skin and evaporates them into the atmosphere.

And what we loved the most about this wool bottom is it doesn’t allow bacteria to grow on your skin due to moisture.

So, if the fungus is your worst nightmare, then you can keep yourself away from that as long as you’ll keep wearing it. Along with that, you won’t have to deal with the smelly odor anymore either.

Besides, you’ll be under total UV protection from the moment right after you put it on.

And unlike regular wool, it won’t catch fire that easily under high temperature. So, calling heat resistant won’t be anything wrong for sure.

  • Soft fabric ensures maximum comfort
  • Absorbs and evaporates moisture
  • Keeps the fungus away
  • Resistant to smelly odors
  • Fits the body effortlessly
  • A bit expensive

#9. Icebreaker Apex Base Layer Leggings

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When you need an example of a pile of merino wool turning into a fine piece of clothing, then not too many makers can get you that like the Icebreaker Merino.

Guess what? They’ve done it again with their Apex Base Layer Leggings.

Once again, they’ve made no compromise on the quality. So, what you’re about to get with these leggings are total comfort with every passing day.

After all, what else can you expect from any construction that is made out of 100% merino wool? And even in the freezing temperature, you’ll stay as warm as at home.

By the way, this one comes with a functioning fly. So, in the mountains, whenever you feel like you need to respond to the natural calls, the leggings will be the last thing you’ll have to worry about.

On top of that, the gusset has made moving faster easier than ever, and we all know how important that part is in hiking.

As an extra addition to its comfort and layering, the makers have given it no center back-seam. And like as always, team Icebreaker has made this one odor-resistant.

So, after the long days of hiking, you won’t have to smell your leggings and feel like puking.

One more thing! If you’ve so far had only ‘itchy’ experience with wool products, then we bet that’s not something you’re going to get here. Thanks to the non-itchy merino to keep it that way.

From it being odor-free, you’ve probably guessed the leggings are perfectly moisture-wicking.

Well, we can’t say you’re wrong, just in the same way we can’t deny its breathability.

  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Keeps the odor away
  • Doesn’t give any itchy feeling
  • Good at absorbing moisture
  • Comes with a functioning fly
  • Gets damaged with normal laundry detergent

#10. Icebreaker 260 Thermal Leggings

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Simplicity, longevity, and versatility – put all of them together, and what you’ll see next is the 260 Thermal Leggings from Icebreaker.

Guessing what has made it that way? Well, let’s find out.

When what you’re planning to do next is cold-weather trekking or skiing, then no doubt, you’re going to need some effective insulating coverage.

For the 260 Thermal Leggings with 97% merino wool and 3% elastane construction, that’s nothing but a piece of cake.

And when you’ll put it on, you’ll feel like it’s a part of your body as it has the next-to-skin fit, just the way you like it.

Plus, the high-rise design isn’t something that you’ll have to pull up repeatedly every 10 minutes.

We know regulating body temperature is what you just can’t compromise on when the cold is hitting hard. Team Icebreaker knows that too.

Otherwise why they would’ve added the heat-retention zones along with merino mesh panels? And of course, you won’t have to see yourself pissed with irritating odor again as well.

That’s not all. The maker has done something amazing to get you rid of the perspiration hassle for good while hiking.

Yes, we’re talking about the highly breathable knit that releases the moisture as vapor rather than keeping them caged in the leggings.

But what has taken its appeal to a whole other level as hiking leggings is the naturally antibacterial design.

So, you can be sure that you won’t have to deal with skin issues due to bacteria, at least.

Plus, to add some extra feathers to its durability, you better thank it’s durable Corespun knit placed in stress zones.

  • Good with insulation coverage
  • Helps in regulating the body temperature
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Breathable knit ensures more comfort
  • Great at heat retention
  • Not among the cheapest leggings

#11. Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights

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Have you ever thought of having the second skin when the cold wind of weather was being brutal like some sharp thorn?

Well, if the answer is yes, then we’ve found a close alternative to that, and it’s none other than the Abisko Trail Tights from Fjallraven.

We don’t know how much you miss your other tights, but this one is something that can make you forget all of them.

Thanks to its athletic fit that has made it easier than ever to have a supportive feel.

Plus, the construction with 82% polyamide and 18% elastane left no scope to complain about the comfort level.

But what deserves the most of the credit for the flexibility is its discreet reinforcements on knees and rear.

As they’ve used lighter fabrics on the waist, crotch, and back of the thighs, having interrupted ventilation is impossible. Besides, it also ensures excellent mobility, especially on fast-paced treks.

Wait a minute! Looking for a place to put your map? Then check out the right leg, and you’ll see a spacious map pocket right there.

And if you still feel like you need some more storage, check the right leg to reach the other zip pocket.

You won’t have to deal with any issues on the fitting too. The fabric comes with great stretch properties. So the chance of falling short there is relatively low.

Still, if you need it a bit more tight on the waist, the internal drawcord got your back there.

Team Fjallraven’s effort to keep the material durable has always been on the top.

So, once you buy them, a ton of hiking adventures ain’t going to be a problem for you.

  • Has the four-way stretch feature
  • Discreet reinforcements on knees and rear
  • Comes with side pockets on both sides
  • Made of highly durable fabric
  • Ensures a better ventilation system
  • Requires cautiousness while cleaning

#12. Zimmerli Pureness Leggings

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It’s impossible to hike with no clothes on unless someone prefers being called crazy.

But Zimmerli has lately come up with something that literally can give you the feeling of wearing nothing yet will cover your whole lower body. Yes, it’s  Pureness Micromodal Leggings we’re pointing at.

The entire structure is a well-designed combination of 95% MicroModal and 5% Lycra.

So, what came out, as a result, is a better flexibility level along with superior comfort. Aren’t these what you’re looking for in your next hiking leggings?

But is it only good enough for hiking? Well, the answer is NO.

If you feel like you do not see your gym wear anywhere around, you can simply pick this one up, put it on and start working out. And the good thing is, it would add weight to your body almost as much as the regular underwear would’ve.

Seeing the level of the temperature outside; if you feel like you need an extra layer within, you can replace your underwear with this one too.

This means bringing this one in won’t only fill up the gap of your hiking leggings but of your underwear as well at times.

But how can you call any leggings ideal for hiking if they can’t even match up with the standard level of breathability and absorbency?

Well, you’ve got a very lean chance of being disappointed here as the fabric’s feature is totally in favor of delivering your better breathability and sucking up the moisture.

  • Comfortable with superior flexibility
  • Greatly versatile as gym wear
  • Can be used as an undergarment
  • Delivers better breathability
  • Has a better absorbency capacity
  • Comes with no pockets

Best Hiking Leggings For Cold Weather

When the winter vacation is knocking on your door, and your old urge to explore new terrain does the same, then it gets tough to hold yourself back.

So, what about getting you the finest hiking leggings for cold weather?

#13. Duofold Double-Layer Thermal Leggings

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Some call summer the rude season, but that’s only them who have never done hiking in the cold of winter. The harshness of the weather reaches an unexplainable level at that time.

But, the Double-Layer Thermal Leggings from Duofold is here to ease up your hiking experience even in the low temperatures.

To get you the maximum warmth, the makers have used fabric that combines 96% polyester and 4% spandex.

But, that’s not the main reason why you’ll stay warm in it. It’s the double-layer thermal construction that keeps the heat intact.

Thanks to C Vapor technology, you won’t have to get the wet feeling inside from any kind of moisture.

As they all will be wicked away from your skin, you’ll receive the cooler comfort. The Ankle length design keeps it covered so that you don’t feel the touch of freezing temperature even a bit.

But it’s kind of tough to stop giving it the ring-spun polyester fabric all the credits for warmth as it’s also responsible for keeping the garment odors away. We bet that’s something you miss even in the high fabrics too, don’t you?

In the case of flexibility, these leggings contain the all-over stretch feature. So, whether you want to ease up the movement or speed, both are easy as pie to pull off when you’re wearing these.

Moreover, its smooth and flatlock seams terminate even the slightest possibility of you feeling any irritation.

  • Super stretchy for better and flexible movement
  • Doesn’t let the garments odor break-in
  • Double layer maximize the warmth
  • Quickly wicks away moisture from the skin
  • Has flatlock seams to terminate irritation
  • Takes time to get dry after wash

#14. Kari Traa Wool Thermal Pants

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You’re probably getting bored of seeing leggings that are functional but don’t have the touch of style you’re looking for.

Well, what if we say the next one on our list will not only keep you warm on the trekking but will fulfill your urge for better style too?

Well, it’s the Wool Thermal Pants from Kari Traa we’re talking about.

As the leggings are meant to deal with cold weather, what can do better then merino wool?

So, team Kari Traa thought of using the 100% fine merino tool to turn it into your perfect source of warmth while hiking.

And the softness and comfort? Well, imagine any high number on them, and that’s probably what you’re going to get here.

But, what you can call more of an amazing part of these pants is the ability to keep the body warm whether it’s wet or dry. Besides, its natural odor resistance won’t let you have that stinky feeling too.

But doesn’t matter how good the pants seem; you can never count on them fully in the coldest weather if the breathability level is dissatisfying.

Thankfully team Kari Traa ensured that once you put them on, you’ll be able to compare the breathability only with the best.

Now comes the part you’ve been waiting for – the design. The Nordic-inspired design is meant to give you the classy and feminine vibe you look for in every piece of clothes you own.

Grab one of these, and you’ll feel like a fashionista right from the moment you’ll put them on.

  • Keeps the body warm at a low temp.
  • Has natural ability to resist odor
  • Gives the skin a softer feeling
  • Has the perfect breathability level
  • Classy and feminine design
  • Can’t use softeners for washing

#15. Zhili Women’s Wool Leggings

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Are you already a fan of high waist leggings or what? To be honest, if hiking is what you need your leggings for then it’s better to choose a high waist one.

Guess what? Team Zhili just got one for you like that, and it’s their Women’s Wool Leggings.

With the 95% Merino wool and 5% polyester fiber construction, you’re going to enjoy the warmest feeling straight away.

Looks like all those tests in cold temperature didn’t go in vain after all. And if it’s the fur that you’re worried about, then you won’t have to deal with that here too.

You don’t like the color? Who said anything about sticking to a single color? There’s a ton of variety that you can pick from.

All you need to do is decide which one you want to see on yourself. By the way, the same goes for the size too. Plus, its flattering fit is there to keep you in total style.

One of the common issues we’ve seen so far with winter clothes is the odor, that old irritating odor! But the makers of these pants have taken care of that as well.

The natural odor resistance is what has done the magic here. Now, you don’t need to feel hesitant if you feel like being in these leggings for the whole day.

Oops! Seems we’ve forgotten to mention its moisture absorbency level. Well, it’s merino wool.

So, even if it gets wet, you won’t have to think about sacrificing that dry & comfortable feeling, like ever.

  • Ensure warmer feeling in cold temperature
  • Comes in different colors and sizes
  • Requires no struggle to fit in
  • Resists the odor naturally
  • Keeps warm in wet condition
  • Has no side pockets

#16. Icebreaker 175 Everyday Thermal Leggings

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It’s Icebreaker again! They just know how to stay in the game, don’t they?

So, like any other legging segment, they’ve come up with something for this one too, and it’s the 175 Everyday Thermal Leggings.

You already know about this brand’s fascination with merino wool. To be honest, why wouldn’t they make something like that useful, especially when they know they’re good at it.

So, as the continuity to that, they turned these leggings into another fine structure full of next-to-skin comfort.

What else you’re going to get from it is the premium breathability backed by odor resistance.

So, rather than looking for your deodorant here and there, you can keep it on your body all day long. And the breathability will let you have no suffocation when you’ll be exploring the wild in the cold.

In the case of keeping the body warm, you ain’t going to find much of the options as good as merino wool.

So, when it comes to regulating the body temperature, these leggings are among the bests. After all, they’re made of the same material, remember?

Keeping the washing always simple is one of the common features of the Icebreaker leggings.

Guess what? They’ve filled these leggings too with the same ease. All you need to do is put the dirty pairs in the machine with some water and mild detergent.

And yes, you can use them anywhere.

So, rather than putting them on your hiking wear shelf, you can just put them on the regular one to use as any normal piece of clothes.

  • Wool made structure delivers maximum comfort
  • Ensures premium breathability
  • Comes with odor resistance
  • Easy to wash and machine washable
  • Versatile as both hiking and regular clothes
  • Don’t have too many color variations

#17. Under Armour ColdGear Authentic Leggings

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If you take the breathability, durability, and warmth out of hiking leggings, all that remains is a useless piece of cloth.

But, team Under Armour not only has put all of them in their ColdGear Authentic Legging but also added some extra features to get you every bit of convenience you need.

They know that if anything can keep you warm in the finest way, as the merino wool, then it’s the high-quality polyester.

So, we bet you won’t regret getting this dual-layer fabric legging with 87% Polyester and 13% Elastane as your perfect source of warmth for those cold days of hiking.

And the fitting? Well, you won’t have to worry about that from top to bottom. It’s made to stick to your skin effortlessly, and the high-waist design backed by an elastic closure will keep it in place all the time.

As a cherry on the top, the brushed interior will give you an equally relaxing feeling.

Now comes the part where we need to have a glance over the exterior too. Usually, when you go hiking, it gets tough to avoid moisture contact, both in and outside.

So, the makers of this legging not only have given it a fast-drying exterior but also made it moisture-wicking from inside to minimize the sweating hassle.

But even in the leggings from top brands, chafing is something you just can’t avoid all the time.

Thankfully, the welded seams in this legging have eliminated chafing even if you’re on a harsh trail.

  • The dual-layer fabric maintains the body heat
  • Has moisture-wicking properties
  • Comes with a fast-drying exterior
  • A brushed interior gives a smoother feeling
  • Gets rid of the chafing
  • Some color variations would’ve been great

#18. Meriwool Merino 400 Base Layer Bottom

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If someone says that the trails get easier in the winter, they’re doing nothing but bluffing.

And, what you’re going to need there is being on clothes that’ll keep you away from the hypothermic vibe, just the way Merino 400 Base Layer Bottom from Meriwool does.

Its 18.5-micron Merino wool has never failed to keep comfort at its peak.

To be honest, there’s nothing less to expect from this superfine natural material. And when it comes to warmth, the only thing you need to know that temperature is just a number to it, nothing else.

Don’t be deceived by its super soft nature and think taking care of it will be a hard nut to crack. Its non-itchy fabric is totally machine washable.

Just don’t forget to put it in the cold setting. And if you’re habituated to tumble drying, that’s not going to be a problem as well if you keep the heat low.

By the way, it might not come in too many colors, but you won’t have to struggle for the size at least. Doesn’t matter what you need from XS to L, it’s got all of them right there.

When if you’re planning to use it just for hiking, then nothing will be stopping you from using it for any kind of outdoor activities too.

Anyways, no one promised you that when you’ll be roaming out in the wild, you won’t be sweating inside.

But team Meriwool promised that it’ll be nothing that you’ll have to take a headache on as its natural wicking properties are amazing. And what you’ll find equally impressive is its ability to resist odors.

  • Ensures maximum comfort
  • Available in different sizes
  • Keeps the body warm at a low temp.
  • Suitable for any kind of outdoor actions
  • Excellent wicking and odor resistant properties
  • Prone to damage in high heat

Best Lightweight Hiking Leggings

lightweight leggings

You’re not a bird. So, anything that you’ll put on heavy will make it tough for you to reach higher, even if it’s your hiking legging.

So, what if we take that hassle out too by getting you the most lightweight hiking leggings? We know you’ve just agreed to that.

Let’s check them out then?

#19. Kari Traa Alelam Pants

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If you start imagining the base layer leggings, ‘lightweight’ probably isn’t the first word that comes to your mind. But if you do it from a hiker’s perspective, we bet you’d love to have the lighter version of it.

Don’t worry, team Kari Traa got your back there with their Alelam Pants.

This 100% Merino wool legging is probably the lightest legging the brand has brought so far.

But, in the effort of making it lightweight, they didn’t mess up any of the features you would’ve asked from a hiking legging.

The perfect fit is probably the first answer if you think of questioning its functionality.

It gets much clear the purpose of designing it by using body mapping once you get to see how it fits like your second skin. Thanks to its 4-way stretch properties for easing that up.

But fitting is pretty much useless if it scores poorly in the department of breathability.

No! It didn’t let us down there as well by being more breathable than ever. And like all their other merino clothing, the makers have ensured this one resists all the smelly odors too.

Isn’t it a bit boring to see the one-colored leggings all the time? Well, it’s time to bring some changes in.

So, the makers have given it a flattering design that has given it more of a sporty look with a vibe of style. And of course, you can use your washing machine to get it back to the clean state.

With a touch of versatility, you’re free to take it anywhere like skiing and the other spring actions. Don’t think team Kari Traa has forgotten to make sure your body temperature stays where it should be.

Check out those mesh behind the knees, and you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

  • Adds a lighter feeling to the body
  • Resists the smelly odors
  • Fits next to the skin
  • Has the 4-way stretch feature
  • Comes with superb breathability
  • Has a narrow waistband

#20. Arc’teryx Oriel Legging

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The next one on our list wasn’t exactly made for hiking but a tougher job than that– rock climbing. We don’t think you need much of an explanation on it.

But still, before you buy it, you better get all the ins and outs. Yup, it’s Oriel Legging from Arc’teryx that we’ve given our next slot too.

As we’ve called it tough, you deserve to know what has made it that way. It’s nylon and elastane.

With these names, it’s nothing hard to guess that they’re made to sustain any abrasions you would take them through while hiking and climbing. So, at least for durability, you can let them have your vote with closed eyes.

3.99 ounces – that’s the weight of this legging. Now, if you don’t call this lightweight, then we don’t know what your definition of being light is.

And the fitting? Count that on the ‘top grade’ table too. Anyways, you’re missing having some pockets? Well, they got that too – not one but two of them.

Hold on a second! Are you thinking that just because the makers made it tough, they didn’t pay enough attention to comfort?

You better reconsider it then as the fabric can give you all the comfort you need in those harsh atmospheres. Plus, the mesh-lined wide waistband keeps it tagged to your waist all the time.

By the way, you’re going for trekking, not for a catwalk on the stage. So, team Arc’teryx thought of adding some gusseted crotch here.

Guess what? The range of motion just jumped to a whole other level.

  • Last for a very long time
  • Can sustain heavy abrasion
  • Fits the body easily
  • Two cargo pockets for storage
  • Gusseted crotch helps with stretching
  • Stays a bit above the ankle

#21. Nike BV5362 One Icon Tights

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Finally, Nike has stepped into the game. And not with any random pants but with their One Icon Clash Tapered 7/8 Tights.

There’s no doubt whenever Nike does it, they try to do it better than the others, and this one is indeed has proved it.

The makers were quite considerate about choosing the right material as they wanted it to be not only durable but comfortable as well. So, they’ve finally made the tights with 79% recycled polyester and 21% spandex.

What we loved the most about the materials is they not only have turned these tights into a long-lasting cloth for hiking but also reduced the total weight.

If you’re asking for the number, then it’s not even 4 ounces. And of course, the comfort is as always on the top.

So, what’s your size? Well, it doesn’t matter, though as a team Nike has made sure that once you put them on, you don’t worry about the fitting at all.

All you need to do is pick it up and put it on. The remaining you’ll be getting is nothing but maximum body support.

By the way, have you heard about Dri-FIT™ technology? Because that’s what the makers have used here for wicking sweat away from your body.

But the story just doesn’t end there. It allows the sweat to come on the surface so that it can evaporate quickly.

It’s Nike! So how can you expect them not to bring some lucrativeness in the design? The stripe details on the surface have given them a vintage-sport look any hiking enthusiast would love to have in their clothes.

Plus, for eliminating the chances of chafing and irritation, the flatlock seams work like magic.

  • Made of durable material
  • Weighs less than 4 ounce
  • Wicks away perspiration effectively
  • Free of chafing and irritation
  • Maximum support backed by perfect fitting
  • Doesn’t have a wider variation in colors

#22. HUE Fleece Lined Denim Leggings

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When one thinks of the lightest fabrics, denim is probably not what they keep on their list. But we’ve seen impossible things happen and seems team HUE has done something like that with their Fleece Lined Denim Leggings.

Often we get to see leggings that are made of one or two materials and still deliver some amazing performance. But team HUE didn’t use one or two but fours.

Yes, Four! With 58% Cotton, 6% Spandex, 34% Polyester, and 2% Rayon, the markers have made them among the most durable leggings so far.

We know denim is not what you usually imagine as your hiking wear. But trust us, these leggings have almost everything you would’ve got from a fine hiking legging, whether it’s durability, flexibility, or comfort.

With the super-stretchy nature, you’re not going to have any trouble in all those uneven terrains.

And comfort? Well, the legging’s more than 80% is made of cotton and polyester. So, if anything you’re going to have here to the fullest extent, then it’s comfort.

Plus, with the casual look, you can even use it as your regular wear too. On top of that, the Pull-on closure eased up the wearing and fitting part as well.

By the way, just because it has a variety of materials don’t think it’s going to need any special care for cleaning.

Like all your other clothes, you can put them into the machine, and they’ll come out as clean as new.

  • Variety of material gives maximum durability
  • Super-stretchiness ensures better flexibility
  • Usable as a daily wear
  • Machine washable like regular clothes
  • Easy to wear and fit
  • Doesn’t have a sporty look

#23. Carhartt Lightweight Legging

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One thing that amazes us about the team Carhartt is their ability to bring variations in making the same kind of outfits in different ways.

A recent example that caught our eyes is their Women’s Force Lightweight Legging.

If we could’ve given it the marks for flexibility, then probably we would’ve gone for a perfect 10. Thanks to its 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex construction for taking the stretch properties to that level.

Now when you are trekking on the uneven surface, you won’t have to restrict yourself from moving faster.

We can’t deny that the stretchy properties are what ease it up to fit on the body. But the truth is, its wide waistband does most of the work of keeping it secure in its place.

This means even if you do activities that require major physical movement, the leggings won’t slip off at all.

Just like the finest hiking leggings, the makers have filled this one with incredibly useful features like quick-wicking and so much more.

You already know how important it is to have moisture-wicking properties, as sweat can bring in bacterial infections.

Now the question is if it got any space for your essentials or not. In that case, it’s got abrasion-resistant utility pockets having enough space for your things.

If you hate the odor that you often get from the clothes, then it can simply fight them and keep them away.

  • Comes with better stretch properties
  • Wide waistband delivers better grip
  • Has moisture-wicking properties
  • Conveniently fits the body
  • Has better odor-control
  • Stays above the ankle

Best Plus Size Leggings For Hiking

It’s written nowhere that only the regular-sized people can have a sip of that hiking adventure.

So, we’ve got something in our review of part those too who consider themselves among the plus-sized.

Yes, we’re about to take you to the finest plus-size leggings for hiking.

#24. ZERDOCEAN Fleece Lining Leggings

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We bet it was disappointing to not get the right leggings just because you feel like you’ve gained some extra weight lately.

But to end your days of the search for the perfect leggings, ZERDOCEAN has stepped in with their Fleece Lining Leggings. There’s no way to deny that it was a perfect move as they’ve used 100% cotton for this legging.

Now, rather than letting the cold winds win over you, you can have the warm feeling 24X7 after putting them on. Unlike some of the leggings in the market, you won’t have to end up in some transparent piece of clothes.

Thanks to its perfect level of thickness, this fleece-lined legging doesn’t fail to give a proper covering with the softest feeling without compromising comfort.

One of the accusations we often hear about cotton leggings are they shrink right after the first wash.

Well, we can’t say this one is totally free of that, but one thing for sure here is you won’t have any problem with wearing it even after a bit of shrinking. After all, the makers made sure it all stays within the limit.

Now comes the fitting. We don’t know how much you’ve struggled to get the leggings that don’t get loose right after a couple of weeks of usage.

But this legging is meant to fit you right from the starting to the end. And don’t worry about the waistband, it’s elastic.

So, it won’t be falling down for sure.

  • Maximum comfort with total softness
  • Has a tolerable shrinkage level
  • Elastic waistband keeps it in place
  • Comes with next-to-skin fitting
  • Maintains the right level of warmth
  • Requires hand washing

#25. JUST MY SIZE Active Run Legging

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We’re at the edge of ending our review part but with something that probably you came this far to get. Yes, the next one on our list is the Active Run Legging from JUST MY SIZE.

With the name of the brand itself, you’ve probably got the idea that the makers have put a huge portion of the effort into the fitting alone.

This skin-fitting legging will stick to your skin in a way that you might not even feel like you’re wearing anything. A fair share of thanks goes to its Sewn-in gusset as well for that.

And don’t even think about questioning the fitting on the waistband. The wide waistband has a grip so strong that even after thorough running, you won’t slip off from your waist even a bit. Thanks to its smooth elastic inside for pulling that off.

By the way, the legging comes in a structure of 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex. So, what you’re about to experience right after owning one of these is awesome flexibility and comfort.

But one thing we hate the most about leggings is how they make us feel while sweating.

Thankfully, with the up to the mark moisture wicking properties, this one can easily keep you away from that.

You can kind of say the ‘cool and dry’ feeling you’ve been looking for is just a legging away.

  • Sewn-in gusset ensures a better fitting
  • The flexibility makes the movement easier
  • Gives the skin a comfortable feeling
  • Moisture-wicking gives a cool and dry feeling
  • Sewn-in gusset helps with perfect fitting
  • A bit thinner than some competitors

Before You Buy What To Look For In A Hiking Legging?

comfortable leggings

What do you check out in the first place when you go to the mall to pick some new clothes – color or design?

If you’re thinking that’s what you’re going to look for as well while picking up your next hiking legging, then what you’re about to do is throw stones in the dark.

Need a better idea? Just point out the things that make a hiking legging a better one.

Don’t know what they are? Okay!

Let us get that for you. All you need to do is just check out the following things next time you go shopping, online or offline.


If it’s a piece of cloth to wear, then doesn’t matter whatever it is, always check out the level of comfort.

Hiking leggings are not beyond that principle either. Actually, you need them to be more comfortable than you’re regular clothing.

The reason is simple. When you’ll be hiking, you definitely will have to put some extreme labor into it. So, the last thing you’d like to have is a drop of discomfort in the journey through your leggings.


It’s hiking, not a party where you can stay in one place as long as you want. So, you need your clothes to be good with mobility to keep moving all the time, and the same goes for the leggings too.


Suffocation is probably one of those things you don’t want to feel while hiking in your leggings, isn’t it?

So, the best way to avoid that is by using leggings that are high on breathability. The thing with mountains is the weather there is often quite unpredictable.

You never know when the chilling wind turns into heatwaves with the popped-up sun. In such situations, you need to be on clothes that’ll be breathable and have better moisture-wicking properties.


Isn’t it what you look for in almost everything? So that’s nothing different in the case of leggings for hiking as well. But like as always, the durability depends mostly on the material you’re choosing.

So, if you want the durability to be at its peak, then picking materials like polyester is more of a better choice. But when you’re an organic material lover, then you can go for wool leggings too.

One more thing! Just having the right materials are not always enough for making the leggings last long.

The reinforcing patches on areas that are more prone to wear can also keep the leggings good enough for the long run.


What we mostly see in hiking trails is they often lead us to a destination that is on higher grounds.

This means, you need to go against gravity, and what will stop you there the most while doing it is the weight.

So, you better pick leggings that won’t make you feel like you’re wearing something that weighs a ton.

The lighter the fabric will be, the easier it’ll be for you to move around.

Another good thing about the leggings being lightweight is they don’t add any extra weight to the backpack and are easier to pack as well.

Weather Resistance

When you’re at a high altitude, there’s no guarantee that the weather will be in your favor. It can be hot and cold too.

So, before you make the pick, make sure the one you’re pointing at can withstand any kind of weather condition that you might come in touch with.

But if you’re certain that the place you’re going to will be cold or warm, you can pick your leggings accordingly.

Ease Of Maintaining

You’re planning to buy leggings as a piece of clothes; they surely need to be maintained properly as well.

But, don’t grab anything that’ll bring hassle more than comfort. So, it’s better to buy legging that’ll require less of your effort to get cleaned. Try to go with the ones that are machine washable.

Sun Protection

The worst part of staying open to the sun is the skin problems we get like sunburn. But when it comes to hiking, that hazard just crosses almost every boundary.

So, when you’ll be shopping next time for hiking leggings, don’t forget to check out if it can ensure enough protection to your skin from the hot sun.

How To Take Care Of Your Hiking Leggings?

No matter how good the materials are for your hiking leggings, if you won’t take the proper care, you’ll have to say goodbye to them within a short time.

So, the best way to make them last longer is to show no miserliness in taking care of them.

Just do as follows, and you’ll be able to keep them as good as new –

  • Cleaning

Most of us just toss the legging in the wash bucket right after finishing the hiking.

Well, stop doing that! If you’ve got it sweaty all over, then wash and clean it immediately.

But if you want it to dry, then just hang it. That’s because sweat and bacteria are more than enough to break the materials down.

  • Washing

If you love using bleach or fabric softeners on your leggings, then it’s time to put a full stop to that as they can wear the material down.

For washing your favorite hiking legging, think of using nothing but cold water and mild detergent.

  • Drying

When was the last time you liked wearing misshaped or over-stretched legging? If the answer is never, then don’t think about using the dryer here.

Just try hanging them to dry. If there’s no way to do that, then simply lay them down so that they can get dry on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Regular Cotton Leggings Are Not Always Best For Hiking?

Hiking leggings have to be made to protect you from external and body moisture. But most of the regular cotton leggings kind of do the opposite, and that might give an uncomfortable feeling in the way.

Thankfully, now there are some cotton leggings out there that you can use for hiking too.

Why Delayed Wash After Hiking Is A Bad Idea?

It allows the bacteria to grow on the fabric, and that can lead the fabric to break down.

Thin Or Thick – What Kind Of Leggings Are Better?

Well, it depends on the type of weather you’re hiking in. As the thicker ones with the right material often deliver better insulation, they’re good in the winter.

But in the hard-hitting summer, the thin one might feel like a better one.

Are All The Leggings Equally Low On Wind Resistance?

Yes, they are. As they stick to the skin all the time, there’s no extra fabric with an edge to create wind resistance.

What Is The Major Drawback Of Leggings Compared To Hiking Pants?

Well, the hiking pants are made of comparatively tougher fabric and have thicker construction. So, under certain circumstances, they might sustain more than the leggings.

Final Words

Indeed hiking gets us some of the most amazing experiences of our life. But how can you possibly pull them off with the wrong clothing?

We say you get the best hiking leggings for your next adventures and see how it all turns into something better than you expected.

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