Can You Hike in Leggings? [Get Answer in Detail]

Comfort, flexible, durable, breathable; leggings are a better combination of all these things. But can you hike in leggings?

Well, when we talk about hiking, comfort and durability matter a lot.

And that’s why having a pair of leggings won’t be a house of cards at all, even it might be a great choice if you get your hands on the right type.

Is it really necessary to consider the type? Of course, it is; it’s important to get the best quality hiking leggings.

Let’s say, if you choose a legging made of wool for summer, your hiking journey is going to be a nightmare!

Because when the weather appears to be hot, you need something like polyester and spandex leggings to get optimum comfort while hiking.

For your convenience, we’ll discuss everything on why you should pick up leggings for hiking; also, we’ll teach you the simplest way of choosing a perfect pair of leggings.

So, please stay connected with us till the last.

Types Of Leggings

types of leggings

Indeed, you’ll find leggings in different sizes and lengths. Besides, you’ll find some noticeable differences as well in designs, materials, and colors.

No matter what color or size you’re going to pick up, leggings are always trendy and stylish for all. It might be thin or a bit thick, dressy or casual, printed or single-colored, and so forth.

So, take a look at some of the common types available in the shop:


If you ask us to show you something lightweight and sturdy, we’ll present the leggings made of nylon. Even if you wear it on a daily basis, it won’t fold at all.


Hands down, it’s the most comfortable type of leggings suitable for both guys and girls. And guess what? It’s capable of absorbing moisture in the best way possible.


If you’re preparing for winter hiking, this is what you need to have; leggings made of wool play a vital role in keeping your legs warm for a long period of time.


Are you a gym freak who does work out on a daily basis? If so, polyester might be a better pick.

Unlike the other choices, it needs a very short time to get completely dry, which makes it fantastic for those who sweat a lot in the summer.


If you need something stretchy at a fair price, spandex leggings might fill your requirements.

Thanks to its super-flexible properties, making it is even better for hiking, traveling, and jogging as well.

8 Reasons Why You Should Select Leggings For Hiking

reasons to use hiking leggings

Well, you may ask, “why this odd stuff instead of other available choices?” But we will say leggings are great for hiking, and they are gaining popularity day by day!

Without more chit-chat, let us show you why you should get yourself a pair of leggings for hiking.

#1. They Are Super Flexible

Can you hike wearing jeans? Probably not. They limit your movements, and that’s why you can’t enjoy hiking that much.

In this case, you can be pretty relaxed if you wear leggings as it gives you enough flexibility for climbing the hills.

The wow factor? Leggings are comparatively light in weight, which makes them more flexible and more comfortable.

Also, you can stay out of zippers, heavy straps, or buckles, and constraining belts like waistbands.

#2. Provides Better Protection Against The Sun

Many peoples are fond of putting on shorts in summer. But, most of them face a couple of problems like skin rashes, allergies, itching, burning, etc., while hiking.

Guess what? Leggings can be used as an alternative to shorts as they protect you from the sun.

In fact, leggings can be useful and protective against the outdoor grass or something sharper, which are annoying and can get you injured.

Therefore, the leggings give you a hand to get out of those discomforts and irritations.

#3. They Are Affordable

Surprisingly, users can get some quality leggings from the shop without spending big amounts of cash.

Speaking of, these days, there are dozens of manufacturers and companies trying to offer you the best products at a fair price.

Therefore, there’s a huge availability of these leggings in the market. Moreover, there are no size issues at all.

Even a wide range of colors and designs are available in the shops that makes it versatile too.

You’ll be happy to hear that they can fit your backpacks quite comfortably so that you can always be prepared for hiking as well as other trips.

Consequently, you’re getting tons of benefits at a reasonable price!

Most of us don’t actually know that some leggings are specifically designed for hiking. The manufacturers include every detail on the product that a hiker wants.

#4. Beneficial For Health

Muscle cramps, swollen and twisted veins might restrict your hiking experience.

So, what to do?

Simply rely on the leggings as they help you stay active and keep you at bay from these problems.

Leggings play a significant role in keeping your legs flexible and out of any discomfort.

#5. Blocks The Drag Force Of The Wind

While hiking, the most common hurdle you face is the wind problem. It can slow you down, and therefore you can get tired easily. In this case, choosing an ideal legging can solve the matter.

While we know we can’t stop the wind flow with leggings, it definitely can help to resist the drag force that is needed, for which the overall journey will not get hampered.

In challenging situations like that, don’t forget to wear the right leggings, especially when you’re preparing for a hike.

#6. Helps To Recover Body Heat

Yes. A lot of people don’t know that leggings can keep up with the temperature no matter what the weather or season is.

Thanks to the build quality, of course, they’re made by combining polyester, spandex, etc., protecting you in several weather conditions.

Actually, there are different types of leggings for different seasons. For example, polyester and spandex-built leggings suit best for hiking in the summer.

In contrast, wool or merino wool-built leggings are ideal for the winter seasons. So, you have the advantage of selecting the right one depending on the weather.

#7. Don’t Have Fitting Problems

Unlike the typical hiking pants, the leggings fit all kinds of people, whether you’re skinny or bulky.

In addition, you can prevent chafing by choosing tight leggings for hiking.

#8. Dries Faster On Wet Conditions

The leggings provide excellent performance in terms of breathability. It’s true that some get wet quickly; however, most of the leggings take a pretty short time to get dry.

So undoubtedly, it’s good to wear them for hiking, whether it’s summer or winter.

How To Choose The Right Leggings For Hiking?

how to choose the right one

When it comes to buying leggings for hiking, we can’t just take any randomly. It’s crucial to look for some specific things and factors to make your purchase even better.

So, let us show you the easiest way of choosing the right leggings, especially for hiking.

Choosing The Right Material

No doubt, having quality legging ensures maximum comfort. When choosing the fabric for hiking, you have to make sure that it’s unique, comfy, stretchable, and odorless.

Sometimes, we suggest avoiding leggings that are made of wool; why? Because it holds too much moisture and makes you feel sweaty and wet during summer days.

Instead of wool, you can go for synthetic materials like- polyester, nylon, spandex, elastin, and so on.

These materials are more flexible, lightweight, and weather-friendly. Some people prefer wearing hiking shorts because it’s functional and breathable at the same time.

But unfortunately, they can’t give you proper protection.

Also, check if the materials provide a UPF rating to achieve maximum protection and further sun damage.

Perfect Measurement

The size and length of your hiking leggings vary a lot from person to person. Most of the hiking pants available in the market come in 3 standard sizes – S (small), M (medium), and L (long).

Be sure to check the waistband, curves, hip, pattern, and overall fitting. Try to wear at least for a single time before you purchase to avoid any imperfections.

Also, you have to pay attention while measuring the inseam and rise of the leggings; otherwise, it can be way too uncomfortable.

If you’re unable to find the perfect fit by yourself, it’s ok. You can go for the customized ones for sure.

Multiple Pockets

Pockets in your leggings may come in handy, especially when you’re preparing for hiking.

It lets you keep your necessary pieces of stuff like- your phone, sunscreen, cash, card, and such things without carrying any backpack.

Though almost all hiking leggings provide one or two zip pockets in general, multiple pockets with adjustable chains are preferable in this particular case.

In fact, it’s easy to store your essential belongings and also provides better protection.

Still, we suggest not to carry so many things while hiking because it’s an obstacle to your comfort.


It seems pretty unfair when your fancy pants don’t even go for a month—most of the time, choosing the wrong and low-end material results in such cases.

So, first of all, try to make sure the quality of the fabric is sweatproof and weather-friendly.

The material of your legging should be flexible and durable, which you can comfortably use for hiking.

Also, ensure it fits well and is stretchy enough to move comfortably. Try to find something that’s simple, ultra-light, quick-drying, and price-worthy at the same time.

And to get rid of sunburn, make sure they’re providing optimal protection.

Feel free to check the user manual or tag before washing your leggings and follow the instruction accordingly.

Overall Look

Obviously, trendy and stylish clothes help to build individuality and boost your confidence.

Most people try to buy something that represents themselves these days, even by paying some extra bucks.

Feel free to choose the colors, patterns, and sizes that you’re fond of most. If you’re an athlete, go for the body shaping ones that’ll help to lift your body up and hide the extra fats as well.

Moreover, you can use compressive leggings to reduce fatigue, increase flexibility, and better muscle support.

You can definitely go for convertible hiking shorts if you’re looking for breathable and user-friendly ones.

Hiking Leggings Vs. Hiking Pants

leggings vs pants

Usually, people get confused while choosing hiking gear between the leggings and the pants.

But, if you want the solution, then divide your requirements with availability and consider your situation.

For example, hiking pants provide better protection compared to leggings. If you hike in a place where there’s a chance of your ripping or tearing, it’s ok to get hiking pants.

But, if you’re looking for an outfit that won’t restrict your movements and at the same time are breathable, then you can definitely go for the leggings because they help you to move in any direction you want.

Also, you can handle the sweat way more comfortably with breathable leggings.

Similarly, if you want pockets to keep your accessories in them, then hiking pants are the best option.

Whereas if you don’t need pockets as you can carry a backpack, then the leggings can be good enough for you.

For Hiking, Should I Avoid Yoga Pants?

Yep, it’s better to avoid yoga pants while hiking; here’s the reason why.

Yoga pants are usually made of cotton or similar breathable materials to ensure maximum comfort during workouts.

It is an obstacle because while hiking, sweatproof synthetic material is a must to avoid itching and skin infections.

Apart from that, yoga pants don’t offer you perfect stretch while climbing, and they might tear apart eventually.

It can be quite embarrassing for both men and women, and we all know how difficult it is to change outside. So, it’s a big NO!

Another reason to avoid yoga pant is, it seems extremely tight. Some girls might feel shy and uncomfortable wearing it.

However, the case will be different if you’re used to it.

Though yoga pants provide a lot of comforts and popular amongst people during workouts, we suggest not to put them on, at least while hiking.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does A Legging Provide Adequate Warmth?

When we talk about hiking in winter, getting something warmer, water-proof, and insulated becomes really important.

In that case, leggings can meet your demands with ease. It can keep you out of wet and cold so that you can stay pretty warm in the winter.

Nylon, spandex, and most importantly, wool are friendly with winter activities.

When It Comes To Hiking Tights, Which Fabric Should I Pick Up?

As you know, cotton is super-comfortable; however, it’s not the right choice for trails.

When we talk about leggings, it’s usually made of synthetic materials (e.g., nylon, polyester), which are able to absorb moisture.

And guess what? Hiking leggings are odor resistant and take a short time to dry.

But it should be stretchy enough, so you get optimal flexibility while walking, running, or mount climbing.

So, spandex might be your best way to go if flexibility matters a lot to you. It’s a plus to get something with a “four-way stretch,” which enhances comfort and mobility.

What’s The Right Way Of Washing Leggings?

Thankfully, washing a legging isn’t rocket science! You can do it yourself even without applying any specific rules.

Just make sure to add a certain amount of detergent into the water and wash them through your hands. Washing machines can be used as well to get the job done.

As A Guy, Can I Wear Leggings?

Of course, you can. The current market equips so many types of men’s leggings with different sizes, colors, and styles. You can choose them according to your needs and tastes.

While Hiking, Is It Ok To Wear Cycling Tights?

We don’t think so. Most of the cycling tights out there are padded at the buttock areas, making them suitable only for running bicycles, not for walking.

So, if comfort and fashion matter a lot to you, it’s better to avoid them while hiking.

Wrapping Up!

So, what do you think right now?

Can you hike in leggings? Of course, you can; even leggings should be your best way to go when you take preparation for hiking.

Unlike yoga pants or other such clothes, leggings are more protective and reliable, especially if durability and flexibility are your concern.

But before getting it, be sure to consider everything, from sizes to colors. After all, picking leggings out of the blue doesn’t make any sense!

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