10 Best Extra Large Backpacks [Enough for Long Trips]

Are you tired of spending your valuable bucks on backpacks that can’t even bear the load of your hiking thirst?

Well, if you are planning to go on a hiking trip to the countryside anytime soon, then having a general size backpack might not meet your packing needs. For this very purpose, you need something extra-large!

But, finding out the right pick for your hiking need is quite tricky as the market is flooded with enormous options.

To make your task a lot easier, we have compiled a review list of the 10 best extra large backpacks from where you can find out your suitable one easily.

10 Best Extra Large Backpacks Reviews

Whether you are going for a short or long hiking trip, make sure your jumbo backpack can bear all of your necessary goods comfortably.

Now it’s time to have a close look at the following options of extra large backpacks for ultimate hiking fun.

#1. TERRA PEAK 85L Adjustable Backpack

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The very first pick in our list comes from a well-known backpack brand named Terra Peak. This unisex jumbo pack is almost an ideal choice for camping, hiking outdoor due to its big size, overall comfort, and multifunctional features.

If you are looking for a big gear to pack your hiking stuff then welcome this backpack from Terra Peak that can give you high storage capacity yet being lightweight enough.

It comes in 3 different storage capacity sizes- 55L, 65L, and 85L. And, you will also find extra 20L space inside its pockets and under the hood.

Additionally, there are side expansion pockets of a deep butterfly with mesh pockets and double compression straps to keep your stuff well organized and separate.

Though the capacity suggests, it might weigh a lot but you will be amazed to know that it only weighs 1.85-2.26 kg.

To provide you a perfect fit, the internal frame is designed to be adjustable enough so that it can reduce your fatigue while long trekking with heavy loads.

Moreover, it comes with a breathable and padded back panel along with shoulder straps to ensure ultimate cushioned comfort for long hiking hours.

However, the back of this pack is designed with 2 aluminum bars that make the padding thick and comfortable enough to carry. Due to its adequate space and well-organized features, you can easily pack things for 3-15 days of camping or hiking trip.

Talking about its multiple tool attachment points, there are 8 compression straps, a bungee cord system with elasticity, pole attachment for trekking.

These attachments help you to tie up your pack and to hang your tent, sleeping bag, hammock, and other necessary extra gears.

You will also discover a sleeping bag compartment with internal and external lid pockets with a divider. So, you can add your sleeping bag without any hassle due to this feature.

In almost every pack of Terra Peak, you will find a Carabiner keychain clip which is totally free. When you go for long trekking, keeping your body hydrated is a must.

In order to facilitate this very feature, this gear comes with a hydration bladder compartment just on the side of the pack which you will find in the main compartment with a water bladder sleeve.

And to fix the water bladder, there comes a Velcro loop in your bag’s main compartment.

You know really well, how important it is to have a water resistance feature in your backpack especially when you are going out for a long trip.

Thanks to its built-in hood rain cover that can save your day from heavy rain. The exterior of the pack is also coated with a water-resistant coating, good for a lighter rain.


  • Adjustable back panel provides comfort to carry
  • Comes with a bigger storage capacity of up to 80L+20L extra
  • Lightweight pack provides necessary tool attachments
  • Compatible hydration bladder
  • Water-resistance feature helps to save from heavy and lighter rain


  • The straps and pocket strings are not well built
  • Doesn’t have a good fit for people of all height
  • Sometimes the Velcro gets detached from the bottom

#2. Hong Xing Hai 70L/100L

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Are you looking for a large backpack that will give you a durable company for years? Well, in that case, say hello to this multipurpose backpack from Hong Xing Hai.

The military looks say it all, this tear-resistant gear is made of oxford fabric 600D that assures its longevity for a long period of time.

The build material also comes with an anti-scratch feature to give you a much more durable experience that no other traditional hiking backpack claims to offer.

Worried about rainwater spoiling your day? Worry no more, as this pack is equipped with a water resistance feature to allow you to have dryness even when it’s raining heavily.

Whether you want to go out camping, climbing, or hiking, this backpack is an all-in-one solution for all of your needs.

It comes with 100L of large space capacity to store almost everything you might need while going out for a hiking trip. Do you still need more things to carry? Then, the bottom expansion design is there to make it convenient for you.

Talking about its versatility, you can use this pack in combination with other necessary equipment of your choice.

This is designed in a way that you can easily connect and load MOLLE bags with it, either it is pockets, attachments, water bottle bag, or accessory kits. Moreover, you can also use it as a perfect survival kit.

This military tactical rucksack bag comes with many useful pockets such as as- elastic side pockets, front pockets, and even hip belt ones to give you enough space to store things in order.

Due to its size and features, you can use it as a carrier for your luggage. And, it can also be folded just like a sandwich for easy carrying.

Now, let’s talk about the comfort it provides to the user. Hong Xing Hai has included mesh shoulder straps that are breathable to give you enough comfort to carry it.

These straps have a 2 cm thick sponge pad, made of honeycomb that can reduce your shoulder stress and pain while having longer trekking.

To keep your pack dry and cool, they have added molded foam on its back panel that has airflow channels.

Whether you are planning to go for a long hiking trip or for short camping outside, this backpack from Hong Xing Hai has covered it all to pack your necessary goods without even a worry.

Compared to its other counterparts, the price is quite cost-effective. But in terms of service, it can offer you way more than what you would expect from a low price backpack like this.


  • Made of 600D oxford nylon fabric to provide you durable experience
  • Huge storage capacity up to100L
  • Cost-effective compared to other options
  • Comes with water resistance feature
  • Comfortable wearing straps


  • Single stitching
  • Zippers are not well built like other options
  • Very big to carry for some users
  • Buckles are made of plastic

#3. TETON Sports Scout 3400

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Teton Sports is a famous backpack brand where their Scout 3400 is a top-selling internal frame pack for years.

If you are looking for a compact package within a budget-friendly amount, then welcome this backpack as your hiking friend.

Why would you invest your valuable bucks for other pricy options when you can have almost the same kind of features within a comfortable price range!

This unisex backpack fits well for men and women both and people of different heights and sizes.

The internal frame is designed in a way that gives you a comfortable carrying experience for a long time. It seems like a reasonable choice for those who need a large, sturdy backpack to go all the way for hiking.

Talking about its size and storage, this versatile backpack is not as heavy as other available options, weighing just 2kg makes it a perfect size gear for both young and adults.

For compact packaging, it comes with 55 liters of storage capacity where you can pack all of your necessary stuff easily.

To offer you a durable company for years, it has a 600D diamond ripstop as its build material.

It also has excellent elastic, waterproof, and breathable properties which make it a comfortable and durable pack. This pack comes with a sleeping bag compartment so that you don’t have to worry about sleeping out in the wild.

One of the most important things about hiking is, you care about how to save your pack from being wet under rough and rainy weather.

Thanks to its integrated water resistance feature that helps you to keep your pack dry and safe, and offer you a stress-less journey.

With the use of bungee storage, you can easily store your jacket and other necessary tools that you need to access urgently.

When it comes to external storage options, gear loops, side pockets, and compression straps make your packing organized strategically.

Moreover, multi-directional torso adjustment makes it pretty easy to use for people of different heights; a size that fits well with everyone and that’s a plus point of this gear.

In case of a sweating problem, the breathable hip padding system works like a magic to suck all of it.

You can even adjust the gear by using the chest, shoulder, hip, and waist straps for having a steady ride depending on your stuff load and height.

To ensure ultimate airflow and comfort, molded channels and a double open-cell lumber pad made of foam are added to the back panel.

Worried about being hydrated? Well, this pack is also equipped with a hydration bladder to keep you hydrated on a regular basis.

It can provide you up to 3L of water filling capacity so that you don’t need to worry about storing it every now and then.


  • Integrated water-resistant cover
  • Made of durable 600D diamond ripstop material
  • Adjustable compression straps and torso feature
  • Sleeping bag compartment
  • Designed well for strategic packing


  • It’s quite difficult to get the internal frame bars back in.
  • Heavier compared to its size capacity
  • The mesh pocket is too tight
  • Can’t hold big sleeping bags


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Wouldn’t be it a great advantage, if you could directly access the inside middle of your backpack whenever you want?

If yes, then say hello to this backpack from MOUNTAINTOP that has a zippered opening just on the front side of it. This very feature helps you to reach the inside middle of your gear without lifting or emptying the tools on top.

Coming with an 80L of storage capacity, you can easily assume how large it is in terms of packing your long trip goods. It can hold almost 2 weeks of clothes and other important outdoor tools so easily.

There is enough space for strategic packing of your daily stuff like toothbrush/toothpaste, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, snacks, phones, earphones, portable charger, and much more.

Not only these but also you can store other necessary things like dry food, emergency kit, water bottle (3L), flashlight, portable stove, camping light, sleeping bag, picnic mat, trekking pole and other miscellaneous things into it.

You will discover 8 levels of height adjuster on the back, which is placed with a fat tightened area with a magic tape.

With its adjustable torso length that can be maximized up to 18 inches, you can easily adjust it to your body size depending on the things you need to carry.

No wonder, this gear comes with a sleeping bag compartment too. Fortunately, in this one, you can see a divider between the main compartment on the top and the sleeping bag compartment at the bottom.

So, with this very feature, you can get access to your main compartment from the bottom side of your bag if ever needed.

Unlike other available options, this pack is worn on the hips rather than at the waist. Due to this very reason, you will have an extra advantage to manage the belt positions so that it works like a beneficial comfort.

Not everyone feels okay when it comes to taking the heavy load on the waist, in this one, they have to worry less.

You will also discover a separate hydration sleeve bladder in the main compartment to hold up to 3L of water.

Through a ‘D’ shape loop, there is also an option to get hydration access on the shoulder strap. You can use this access to be hydrated easily on-demand without opening up the main compartment.

So overall, this is a well-constructed compact package with aluminum and a plastic frame, panel-loading, daisy chains, front pockets, separate space for strategic packing, and easy access points.

So, if you are going outdoor hiking for 5-15 days, this can be your travel partner without any doubt.


  • Direct access to the inside middle of the bag through zipper on the side
  • Designed to be worn on the hips to reduce fatigue
  • 80L of total storage capacity
  • 3L of a hydration bladder
  • Comes with a divider between the sleeping bag and the main compartment


  • The belly strap is not removable
  • Side pockets are not well built
  • Doesn’t adjust well for those who like to wear it on the waist
  • Main strap clips can’t be synched down

#5. Mardingtop 75L Molle

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If you are fond of using military backpacks for a ‘man vs wild’ vibe, then welcome our next pick from Mardingtop. Military pack means a durable build quality and strong-built zippers for sure.

No wonder, this gear comes with 600D polyester material which is water-resistant. And, you also find famous YKK zippers for long-lasting company.

Coming with a molle webbing design, it can easily hang on your trekking pole, sleeping bag, tents, and other necessary tools. To give you a military vibe, it comes with a rifle hanger on the side strap or pocket.

Whether you are fond of permitted wildlife hunting or to save yourself from danger, this very feature is uniquely a great advantage.

Based on your height and size bearing capacity, Mardingtop offers several comfortable sizes of internal backpacks, though this one comes with 75L of storage capacity.

The integrated water-resistant cover saves your day from being wet and you are ready to continue your wild journey without any worries or stress.

When you buy something for one reason and it can be used for multipurpose reasons, then definitely it’s a plus point. This versatile backpack comes with multifunctional features to give you all in one taste.

The chest strap helps to adjust the weight easily to make it fit as a hiking pack, 3-5 days assault pack, survival kit, bug out bag, army backpack, trekking, or day pack all at the same time.

As a military pack, this one is equipped with 5L of water storing capacity, more than any other pack can even offer you.

If you are having a hard time outdoor and there is a scarcity of water, this 5L storage can make you feel alive for a longer period of time.

The tube of the hydration bladder can be filled with water on the top of the bag right beside the grab handle.

To make your packing easier and easily accessible, there come 2 side pockets of 8 inches along with a bigger pocket of (7.5″*13.8″) size.

These pockets can easily hold your water bottle, survival gear, and camping tools. At the front of the bag, you can discover big zipped access through which you can simply access the main compartment of your bag.

Moreover, when you access the main compartment this way, it opens like luggage of 15.6 in size.

So, you can easily assume how well structured it is, in terms of easy access to your gear.

From hiking to trekking, camping to climbing, one bag that fits all of these outdoor funs.


  • 600D polyester build material ensures durability
  • Comes with strong YKK zippers
  • Equipped with 5L hydration bladder
  • Comes with a rifle holder
  • Easy access system to the main compartment


  • Stitching and buckles are not well made
  • Can’t hold bigger storage easily
  • The shoulder straps fail sometimes to hold the tension
  • Vertically the hip belt feels, like- non-existent

#6. WintMing 70L Waterproof Molle

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In our list, the next we have a backpack that is specially designed ergonomically to protect and save your spine from any kind of harm. Yes, Wintming packs are made, keeping your health in concern.

Coming with 600D oxford polyester lining material, this gear wants to make sure that you get accompanied by your traveling partner for years.

Military backpacks are usually designed to be durable enough and this one from Wintming is no different.

The 600D oxford material comes with an integrated water resistance feature to save your inner and outer goods from being wet. This is also an anti-scratch pack that makes it a perfect durable pack for outside roughness.

An extra-large bag means enough storage capacity, it goes the same way with this option too. It offers you 70L of storing space to pack whatever good you want to take with you. This gear has elastic drawstrings on its main compartment so that you can expand it if needed.

When you buy a large backpack, you definitely care about the comfort it can offer. This gear comes with breathable and adjustable mesh shoulder straps which are filled with sponge padding to give you relief on your shoulder.

To ease your burden and to provide maximum airflow on the back, it offers S-type thickened and widened shoulder straps.

Comfort also depends on the weight of the pack and this one won’t disappoint you in this regard too. Can you imagine a backpack with 70L of storing capacity weighs just 1.3 kg?

Fortunately, it does, so you don’t have to worry about the extra burden of the pack itself when you march for your outdoor trip.

The pack is designed to be roomy enough to store your most essential survival stuff like a sleeping bag, hammock, mat, shoes, and luggage, and so on with ease.

You can also take your laptop with you, which you can easily store in its laptop compartment. Moreover, it comes with two side pockets and a zipper pocket for storing an umbrella and a water bottle.

However, the Molle design allows you to expand the external part of the bag so that you can attach different hiking gears, water bottle bag, load pockets, and other accessory kits as you like.

This is a multifunctional pack and can be used as a survival kit, camping bag, hiking bag, 3 days assault bag, and even as bug out bag.

This might sound like we are obsessed with molle design in backpacks and why shouldn’t we?

Who wouldn’t like such a great feature in a backpack where you can customize things according to your own choice? Everyone does!

From hiking to trekking, hunting to camping, traveling to using it as a suitcase alternative, you can use this pack for all of these purposes.


  • Lightweight, weighing just 1.3 kg
  • Molle design allows you to attach tools and attachments as you want
  • 70L of big storage capacity
  • Integrated water resistance feature
  • Ergonomically decompressing design


  • The waist and shoulder straps are not able to offer comfort for long
  • Feels smaller than its actual size
  • Straps are not that well-built and short for many users

#7. Gonex 65L/75L

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The specialty of our next backpack is, it’s made of water repellent, high density, and wear-resistant material to give you a durable and value-for-money experience.

The build material is 420D nylon fabric which is basically used in high-end premium quality backpacks. So, you can assume, they have zero tolerance for the build quality.

This strong pack is tear-resistant as the interior is even coated with PU coating safety. Just like its look, it also feels premium to carry. This unisex lightweight gear weighs less heavy compared to its other counterparts. I

t has aluminum rod support and a 3D bearing system to give you enough relief by reducing the additional burden.

When it comes to packing your stuff in a well-organized manner, this backpack gives you the freedom to do so. It comes with a unique storage layout system so that you can classify your items and store them in order.

On the front panel, you will find an invisible vertical zipper pocket and a primary compartment for storing your tablets. The waistband pouch is placed to hold your smaller items like a 5.5-inch smartphone.

To offer you easy access to your items, another zipper pocket is there with internal wall pockets. There is another thickening separate compartment for storing your 14inch laptop on the back panel.

You can also find a zipper compartment separately for storing your sleeping bag. The side elastic pockets are there to hold water bottles and other outdoor essentials.

Talking about the comfort it provides, you can find a breathable and comfortable soft lumbar pad on the back that reduces waist fatigue and shoulder stress.

There is a breathable mesh cavity part on the back as well to remove heat so that you can breathe without any discomfort.

Based on different bearing habits, you can adjust the chest strap to a comfortable position. Even it is equipped with a whistle in case there is an emergency, how cool is that! There is a water pipe access for being hydrated whenever and wherever needed.

This multipurpose bag from Gonex is a suitable pack for traveling, climbing, hiking, trekking, schooling, daily use, and even for shopping. It works as a great gift for everybody.

This colorful pack comes in various colors such as as- deep gray, blue, olive green, black, etc. that makes your journey fashionable and graceful as well.


  • Colorful and fashionable outlook
  • Comes with waterproof build material
  • Aluminum rod support and the 3D bearing system makes it lightweight gear
  • Uniquely designed storage layout allows packing things in order
  • Adjustable straps and comfortable to carry


  • Water-resistance feature doesn’t work well like other options
  • Some may find hip belt pockets placed on the wrong spot
  • The straps are not well built
  • Doesn’t fit everyone well

#8. Weikani Internal Frame 80L

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Now, we are slowly coming down to our bottom list. The very first thing you consider while buying a large backpack is how comfortable it would be to wear and carry the load.

So, keeping this very thing in mind, Weikani came up with this ergonomically designed backpack that easily fits your back, being a comfortable and breathable pack.

Talking about back comfort specifically, there is a pull-up strap that helps to reduce back pain and stress. The padded shoulder and adjustable straps make it a perfect fit to wear.

As well as, there are molded channels and an open-cell lumbar pad made of foam to ensure maximum airflow and lower back support in long trekking.

Worried about build quality? You don’t have to, as it comes with durable polyester material, integrated water-resistant rainfly in case of lighter rain, and water-repellant coating on its exterior to give you a durable trust for years.

To save your pack from heavy rain, it also has a waterproof cover with it, so secured from every angle.

Coming with an 80L of storage capacity, this gear weighs pretty less compared to other available options in the market; the weight is just 1.8 kg.

Though being a lightweight pack, it offers you a large sleeping bag compartment, extensive storage compartments and pockets, and multidirectional compression straps altogether for a 3-5 days trip.

When you decide to sleep outdoor in the wild, you need to make sure that you have your safe and comfortable sleeping bag with you.

Having a sleeping bag compartment is a must in a hiking backpack. And, this pack is equipped with a large compartment to store your sleeping bag.

Another great advantage of a backpack is to have extensive storage compartments and pockets. Having these, help you to put your regular daily things and you can access those whenever you want.

Either it is your toothpaste, dry foods, digital devices, charger, or any other smaller essentials. Weikani has this very feature for you to have such comfort.

Buying a multifunctional backpack is always an advantage and Weikani is exactly offering you such. It comes with chest buckles that have a safety whistle, waist pockets for storing small items, reflective signs, a water pipe buckle, and water bag compartments.

Keep yourself hydrated with water by using the water pipe and water bag compartment for the right reason. Don’t forget to use the safety whistle in terms of a dangerous outdoor situation as well.

Overall, it works like perfect gear for hunting, camping, and traveling wherever you would like to sail.


  • Ergonomic design makes it a fit and comfortable pack
  • Large storage capacity up to 80L
  • Comes with durable build material
  • A lightweight pack, weighing just 1.8 kg.
  • Comes with multifunctional features


  • Doesn’t fit people of all sizes
  • 60L one doesn’t come with an internal frame
  • Some users found it not female-friendly
  • The rainfly in 60L one cuts short while covering the full pack

#9. Mardingtop 50L Molle

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So, the second-last pick in our list comes from the same brand that we have talked about earlier above.

Yes, it’s Mardingtop again but with a slight difference in storage capacity and some other characteristics. You know it well, it’s a military pack with some exciting quality features.

This pack comes with a 50L of storage capacity, less space compared to other available options, but works pretty well for those who don’t need to store a lot.

600D water-resistant polyester material makes it a durable pack to accompany your journey for years.

To give you a long-lasting zipping experience, it comes with YKK zippers and buckles. When it comes to Molle webbing design you know it well that you can attach your sleeping bag, tents, trekking pole, and other necessary tools easily on it.

And, this pack is equipped with this Molle design so that you can have such advantages.

The water-resistant build material and integrated rain cover make sure that your pack doesn’t get wet. Due to its internal frame design, at the front, you can have easy zipped access to your main compartment that seems like luggage.

On the top of your pack, there comes an extension collar that has two drawstrings that help you to expand the pack up to 5L of capacity in the main compartment.

There is a patch area for flag patches and name tape. There is a hiking pole attachment that can hold poles, a selfie stick, or an ice axe in case if you need them.

This gear is also hydration system compatible and comes with a 3L bladder to keep you hydrated all day long.

The hydration bladder compartment is suitable enough to store up to 15.6 inches of laptop. The chest straps are there to adjust the weight on your waist with the right proportion.

This multifunctional pack can be used for multipurpose reasons such as a 3-day assault pack, survival backpack, bug out bag, trekking backpack, army backpack, or even as a regular day pack.

When it comes to larger backpacks, most of the available options don’t get to fit people of all sizes as they are heavy and weigh more than a person can bear.

But, this one from Mardingtop is pretty unusual in this case and it fits almost every hiker due to its smaller size in a bigger version.

If you need to store a lot then the previous option would be much better than this one. But, if you are a person of fewer items with a sturdy pack, then this 50L version might suit you well.


  • Lightweight to carry all of your loaded stuff
  • Comes with an expandable feature in the main compartment up to 5L
  • 50L of storage capacity
  • Integrated rain cover saves the day
  • Comes with 600D water-resistant build material


  • The stitching is not standard enough
  • The buckles are not well built
  • Shoulder straps are thin and narrow
  • The stabilization system is not up to the mark

#10. Qddan 100L Expandable

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Last but not the least, we have Qddan backpacks for our finishing session of this review list. This excellent rucksack camouflage pack comes with waterproof fabric made of nylon, wear, and tear resistance feature to provide a pretty durable experience all the way.

When you get to know, your backpack claims to be a rucksack one, then you initially understand it’s a durable pack that provides strong, waterproof materials and that can be worn on the shoulder.

As well, being a camouflage gear means, it has some strong vibe of military stuff and specially designed for army people.

The expandable design of this pack allows you to expand the front opening so that you can easily store your stuff as like as you want.

This multipurpose hiking bag comes with multi compartments where you can place your essentials in order. There is a primary zipped compartment along with some other small pockets for strategic packing.

Coming with 100L of storage capacity, this gear is one of the largest space providers for your ultimate packing needs.

From your survival kits to your gadgets, and even smaller goods, everything can be packed into this 100L backpack with ease. Not many other available options provide you such a larger space as this one does. This is really a big backpack!

If you are worried about comfort, then you must know that it has breathable mesh padding.

This ventilated padding on the back and shoulder straps help you to feel the comfort even when the pack is heavy with loads. This is also an ergonomically designed pack so that it doesn’t cause that fatigue when the pack is full.

You might think, a 100L storage capacity pack wouldn’t be a suitable pack as it would be heavier.

But, to your surprise, it’s a lightweight option and you can definitely rely on that. It weighs just 4.41 pounds, so you can easily assume how well structured it is, in terms of weight distribution.

This unisex gear is a suitable choice for man and woman both. If you are a hiking freak or loves to go out frequently for camping, trekking, survival adventures, bushcraft, etc. then this multipurpose pack can accompany you for all of these journeys.

Though it’s not an internal frame backpack, due to its huge storage capacity and expandable feature, you don’t have to worry about putting and adding big things for your daily survival.

You can take your sleeping bag, mat, hammock, water bottle, gadgets, and much more in its stomach easily.

So, overall it’s a great choice for those who want rucksack, camouflage backpacks with huge storage capacity.


  • Rucksack, camouflage pack comes with durable build material
  • Offers you a 100L storage capacity
  • Packed with breathable mesh padding for ultimate comfort
  • Lightweight compared to its size
  • Multipurpose backpack, perfect for hiking, camping, trekking, and survival adventures.


  • Not ideal for those who want less storage
  • Not an internal frame backpack
  • Doesn’t come with many external compartments
  • Bit pricy compared to other available options.

Brands That Make Large Backpacks

In this competitive world of a free economy, companies are hitting the market with their products every now and then. It’s no difference when it comes to backpack manufacturing.

But, if you want to get a good idea about the brands that make large backpacks, then things can get tricky.

There is a noticeable gap between making regular and large backpacks. Companies are more into regular size packs as they are mostly demanded by regular customers.

But, people with hiking, trekking, or any other outdoor survival adventure thirst, basically look for larger packs.

There are so many brands that make larger backpacks but few of them are famous due to their quality service and affordable price. One of the most famous backpack brands is Teton Sports.

They are well known in the field of large backpacks because of their consistent quality assurance and budget-friendly nature.

Mardingtop is another crucial one that is quite famous for providing quality military packs of different sizes. Even in our list, we have listed 2 separate sizes of them.

To add more brands especially known for military packs, then we need to consider Wintming, Hong Xing Hai, Qddan, etc.

Some of the best backpack brands for hiking and outdoor adventures are:

Osprey, Active roots, Deuter Air Contact, Terra Peak, Mountain Top, Weikani, Gonex, Nomatic, Fjallraven, Mystery Ranch, Kipling, Swissgear, Samsonite Dakine, Granite Gear, Herschel Supply Co, Hex, John Varvatos, MPG, Topo Designs, and so on.

And finally, not to mention but have to, Jansport hiking backpacks. In the world of the most famous and durable backpacks, Jansport is like a moon in the sky.

Though a pricy pick, but it’s a value for money. It will be a great pick for those who don’t care much about the price but quality and durability matters to them the most.

These brands care about your hiking thirst and that’s why they keep coming with new models of their large backpacks from time to time.

Not every large backpack comes with the same special feature. Some focus on the build material, space distribution, and others on attachments, comforts.

On the other hand, some brands are dedicated to giving you a molle design and ergonomic strategic design to make your packing well organized.

In our list, there are more than 3 options that come with such extensive packing features. You can also find brands, who prioritize height and weight distribution more than other specifications.

But, just because there are multiple brands that are manufacturing large backpacks, doesn’t mean all of them are providing quality service. Only a few brands care about making an overall gear that might suit everyone in general.

There are some common features that every brand takes care of, such as- water resistance feature, rain cover, hydration bladder, several compartments and pockets for easy storage, etc.

Buying Guide for Extra Large Backpacks

We are done with the review part. After going through all of these options, now here comes a question, what do you need to consider while buying a large backpack? Well, let’s talk about it in detail.

Storage Capacity

When you decide to buy a backpack, the very first thing that comes to your mind is exactly how large the storage capacity is.

Obviously, there are smaller packs and they are even cost-effective, but you are spending your bucks for something extra. So, the storage capacity must meet your need.

If you are looking for a pack that allows you to pack almost every necessary item you need in the wild, then make sure you consider the storage capacity of the pack.

In our list, we had 50L to 100L storing options in various packs, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

There are people who just want a multifunctional pack for a short trip of hiking, trekking, camping, etc. They basically don’t need a storage capacity of 80-100L.

It’s better to pick fewer storage ones in this case, as it would make the pack lightweight to carry.

But, on the other hand, if you are planning for a two week trip out in the wild, then you must need extra clothes, survival tools, and many more things.

In that case, you must pick a pack that comes with huge storage capacity but try to find out comparatively lightweight one. Otherwise, things can become unbearable.

Build Quality

build quality is important

No one would like to invest their valuable bucks for a large backpack every second year. So, the very next thing you must consider is, how well the build material is.

Reputed brands basically offer you a quality product that can give you company for years. When you decide to buy your pack, make sure it is made of something durable.

The build material can be nylon fabric, oxford fabric, and even polyester based on the price and brand’s nature. Nylon fabric is always a champ, but oxford and polyester materials are also quite good when they come with new tech versions.

In most cases, large backpacks have to bear a lot of burden of your essentials for a long time.

So, you need to also check the shoulder pad and straps, whether they can hold the pressure and don’t get fallen apart easily. Don’t forget to check the quality of stitching and zippers too, if they get damaged early, the pack will be of no use.

Size and Comfort

Not every large backpack will suit everyone in general. Based on your height and pressure bearing capacity, you have to pick the right one for you.

Sometimes, people buy a pack just because of its quality and storage, but later they realize it doesn’t give them any comfort while having a long trip.

So, when you hit the market, you have to make sure that the size fits your body height and it feels comfortable while wearing.

Some packs weigh too heavy, they might suit heavy military personnel, not an average person in general. So, if you don’t have that body structure, don’t go for the heavier ones just because it offers huge storage.

On the other hand, sometimes, the size and weight are quite okay, but shoulder straps, the back panel are not comfortable enough.

Make sure the shoulder straps are foam padded and the back panel is designed to have a breathable mesh pad. These designs are important to give you a comfortable fit all the way in your journey.

Water Resistance Feature

As large backpacks are bought with the intention of going out in the wild for a long trip, it’s always important to consider if the pack is equipped with a water resistance feature.

Most backpack brands offer this pretty feature as you can’t think of a day out when your pack gets wet due to heavy rain and your whole journey gets messed up.

Your pack should have an integrated water rainfly cover and water resistance feature to save your day from such a disappointment.

Some brands only provide backpacks that can fight against lighter rain but fail under heavy rain. In that case, make sure other than the feature, there is a rain cover that covers the whole pack of yours.

Compartment Layout

Another crucial thing you need to consider while buying a big backpack is, how the compartments are laid out.

It basically means, how well the compartments are designed for strategic packing. The more they are well structured, the more you can easily access your essentials whenever you need them.

The front compartment, the main compartment, sleeping bag compartment, and other small pockets should be designed and placed in a way that you can pack the things in order. So, it helps you to reach your desired stuff right the moment you need them.

Some brands do focus on this very thing with importance and some others don’t that much. So, if you are a person of order and don’t like things getting out of order then make sure, you check this very feature in your backpack.

Hydration Bladder

It’s always tough to roam around wild nature and you frequently feel the thirst to get hydrated. Having a hydration bladder is a must in a large backpack as you need to have water from time to time when you are out.

So, when you buy your gear, make sure it comes with a good size hydration bladder so that you don’t have to worry about being hydrated.

Most backpacks offer you a hydration bladder from 3 up to 5 L of storage capacity. So, based on your hiking spot and your body requirement, you have to pick the right size pack to get enough water.

Some packs don’t come with a hydration bladder, but they do have enough inside space and water bottle compartments.

In that case, if those packs match your other requirements, you can use a water bottle to get hydrated instead of a hydration bladder. But, it’s always a good choice to pick the one with a bladder.

Having a hydration bladder and water bottle compartment at the same time would be a plus point as water is something, the more you have, the more you need.

Internal Frame

You might not think it’s important to look while picking up your pack, but it does. As you are going to buy a larger pack that means the interior has to be sturdy enough to give you loading comfort.

And, at the same time, when you are hiking and climbing from lower to higher places, you won’t like to get snagged against rocks or branches of trees.

External frame backpacks have these nagging issues, but internal frame packs are quite protective in this case. The internal frame design also helps you to have the central gravity near to its natural position, thus reduces your fatigue of carrying the pack in long sessions.

In most internal frame packs, there are aluminum bars to provide enough rigidity and balance support. So, if you want to feel lighter even when the size is bigger, choosing an internal frame pack might be a wise decision.


In larger packs, there are a lot of things you have to attach to your bag externally.

Either it is a sleeping bag, tent, trekking pole, or any other important survival tool, you need to have attachment points where you can attach those survival kits.

If your pack doesn’t come with enough necessary attachments, then it wouldn’t allow you to pack your things the right way.

Molle design packs are best in this case, as they ensure the fact that you have enough attachment points to attach your external heavy stuff with your pack.

So, when you decide to buy a large pack, make sure it has well-designed attachment points for hanging extra loads of your daily survival out in nature.


Price is always a key factor and we can’t deny the fact. In most cases, we want a premium compact package within an affordable price range. But as you know, money talks, so there are several options which are value for money.

On the other hand, there are cheaper alternatives that always have the possibility of ripping apart sooner or a bit later.

So, if you don’t have a problem investing your money on something premium, then go for it, it’s always a plus point.

But, make sure, you don’t waste your money on some random brand pack that just attracts with the price tag but gives you a joke in return. So, you need to be cautious about that and it’s better to buy from a well-known brand.

On the other hand, if you are looking for budget-friendly gear then you need to be quite tricky to pick your suitable one. Budget-friendly large backpacks come within the range of 50-100$.

So, you can have a pretty good pack within this budget if you are sure enough of what other features you must need in your pack.

Color and Outlook

color and design plays an important part

The overall outlook of the pack matters too; it might sound silly to many but it does matter to a lot of people. If you are a person of color and look obsessed, then it definitely plays a big role. There are packs that offer you the best of their features but don’t have that classy look outside.

On the contrary, there are some brands, who don’t only care about the features you might enjoy, but also the look that would attract the buyer at the very first glance.

You know it well, the first impression is always a plus point. So, if you are buying a pack that provides the desired features you need along with a classy look, then it turns out to be the cherry on the top of your cake.

But, you need to remember one thing, beauty fades away with time, quality remains. So, even if it seems important to you to have a premium outlook, but remember, quality speaks more than anything else.

Final Words

Life becomes monotonous when it’s all about the same schedule of work and home responsibilities every day.

So, to bring some adventurous fun and diversity, going out in the wild with your backpack is always a great idea. But the problem is, you need to have the right gear to pack your stuff the right way.

And we hope this whole review about the best extra large backpacks was useful enough to pick your right gear for having ultimate outdoor fun. Good luck!

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