Gregory Stout 65 Review [Totally Honest Opinion]

What is the first thing you think of grabbing in the first place right after hearing the word ‘adventure’? If it’s anything but a backpack, then probably you’re not that much into adventures actually.

In case you’re a regular hiker or adventurer like me, you know how the right backpack turns into a total game-changer.

After all, that’s what will get you everything you need right after you reach those tough terrains.

So, if you’re badly in need of your next adventure partner, you’re going to get one right after going through this Gregory Stout 65 review.

You might be wondering what is so special about this one.

Well, we don’t know if the term ‘all-in-all” goes with it or not, but once you learn what this Gregory creation got, that’s what you’ll probably call it.

So, let’s get started with the features then?

Major Features Of Gregory Stout

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For obvious reasons, backpacks require having some certain useful features, and that team Gregory agrees with that too.

But what made their one different than the others out there is they’ve not only added those regular features but also a pile of other useful features you couldn’t have imagined earlier.

You might be thinking we’re exaggerating, but once you get to know all of them, you can’t call us anything less than right.

So, let’s check out what this backpack has actually come up with.

Gregory Stout backpack

Strong Material

Backpacks are made for all the roughness and toughness of the world. So, clearly, the material it’s made of has to be something that can keep up with all those hazards that are waiting for it in the wild trails.

That’s why team Gregory has made each of the parts of this backpack with highly durable materials. The interesting fact is, they’ve used different kinds of materials for different parts of it.

For external material, they’ve used 90% Nylon/10% Polyester, which makes it clear what has made them so perfect for the external environment.

But for the pack body, they’ve decided to use 210D Nylon/420D High-Density Nylon which is also amazingly strong as backpack material.

But the bottom had to be tougher than anything else out there. So, to make it that way, the makers thought 840D Ballistic Polyester would be the best choice, and they weren’t wrong.

In order to give the frame the required sturdiness, they’ve used Alloy Steel, Fiberglass anti-barreling cross-stay, and of course, HDPE.

But for lining, they’ve tried 135D Polyester, which is 40% Post-Consumer Recycled.

VersaFit Adjustable-Torso Length

torso length

Before we get started with this, tell us about your height. Well, we don’t know about you, but people with shorter heights often go through a ton of struggle when it comes to grabbing a new backpack for them.

And, don’t forget to learn how to measure the dimension of a backpack properly. When they try to get a bigger one for slipping the stuff in there; it somehow becomes tough for them to carry.

That’s not because they can’t keep up with the weight, but the bottom of the bag starts touching their rear thigh.

If you’ve been through the same situation, then you already know that makes hiking and moving much more difficult.

On top of that, when you will be moving with a team, there’s a high chance that this problem might make you fall behind the team.

Plus, you won’t even be able to take a jump too over any crack or rock as that bottom will restrict your movement. If you’re an experienced hiker, then we don’t need to tell you that one problem can put you in some seriously dangerous situations.

So, what team Gregory has done to fix that? Well, they’ve given this backpack the adjustable torso length.

No matter what kind of height you’ve got or how many items you want to put in there, you won’t have to think twice about having the problems we’ve talked about earlier.

You can adjust this according to your height anytime you want. And if any of your family members too want to have that, they can try it as that can get them the just-right fit as well.

3D-Foam Back Panel

Do you know what can make a hiker suffer the most? Dehydration. One of the main reasons for dehydration is shedding too much sweat.

But the truth is you can’t hold the sweat in too while walking on all those tough terrains. Now the question is how to handle that hassle then?

Well, there are two ways for that – one, you can carry a lot of water, which eventually will make you more tired as it’ll add extra weight. Another way is getting more air so that your body can stay cool and keep sweat at a minimum level.

But the backpacks we see around often don’t give much room for breathability as they stick to our bodies.

That happens especially on the back as the biggest portion of the bag stays attached to our back, and that makes it sweat more than ever.

Thankfully, team Gregory figured a way out by including the 3D-Foam Back Panel. The back panel will keep your back apart from the bag and will give it enough room to circulate sufficient air.

This means it’ll give you the cool back that you would’ve needed for sweating less.

Perforated Shoulder Harness

Who said only the back could sweat. Any hiker can say that even the shoulder harness can make your body sweat a ton. The reason is quite obvious.

Most of the shoulder harnesses out there are made of non-breathable materials that stick to the shoulder all the time while carrying the backpack. The result is nothing but sweat-filled shoulder blades.

But thankfully, you won’t have to go through that hassle as this backpack comes with a perforated shoulder harness.

The prime advantage of these is they’re amazingly breathable, which won’t let your shoulder have a bite from the strap and will avoid excessive sweating.

On top of that, they’re great on the comfort part too.

So, while you’ll be taking the long trails with a huge weight on your back, you won’t have to adjust the harness again and just because it’s causing you pain.

By the way, for maximizing safety, the makers have also added a sternum strap to the harness.

Integrated Safety Whistle

Imagine you’re in the middle of nowhere and your team just got too far from you. There are people close by, but you don’t know where they are.

In such a situation, how are you going to make the distress call if you’ve got no communicating device too?

Well, team Gregory has come up with a solution for that. They’ve added an Integrated Safety Whistle to the shoulder harness that you can reach in time in seconds.

Just one blow and your teammates will be back to help you out in no tie.

Wishbone Alloy Frame

While going out for a long adventure, the one thing you can’t avoid is a heavy backpack.

But in such a long journey, something as heavy as that causes lots of inconveniences where most of it happens due to unstable load management.

But thankfully, you can count that problem solved. That’s because this backpack got the Wishbone alloy frame which will ensure stable load management.

So, this way, we don’t think you’ll have to deal with all the unfortunate imbalances. Plus, it’s extremely helpful for torsional flexibility.

Padded Wraparound Hip Belt

For obvious reasons, hiking backpacks come in a humongous size if you compare them to regular bags. This size itself makes it carry with the total balance a bit harder.

For example, as they’re quite tall in height, you need to keep the whole structure tied to your body to minimize the movement. Otherwise, excessive movement will create two different problems.

One, it’ll make the things inside scattered as excessive movement will misplace them. Two, it will prevent you from moving smoothly. But a hip belt can take care of both of these issues at once.

How’s that?

Well, the shoulder harness is usually used for maintaining that balance on the upper side, and the hip belt does the same on our lower part.

That’s why a hip belt has to be perfectly adjustable, though, in low-end backpacks, that’s not always the case.

One more thing that you might see missing in them is comfort. Some even might leave marks on your hip if you keep it tight enough.

Thankfully, Gregory Stout has handled both of those perfectly. You can adjust its belt up to 10 cm which is 4 in the measurement of inches.

On top of that, this hip belt is fully padded. So, even if you keep it tight, it won’t be causing any discomfort.

Wait a minute! This hip belt is not out of surprise yet. With zippered pockets on the hip belts, you won’t have to put down the entire backpack for taking out any smaller items.

You can just keep them in there.

Fitted Raincover

backpack rain cover

Whoever says humans are unpredictable probably forgot to count the weather in that list. So, when you’ll be going out for an adventure, you better be ready for that unpredictability too.

Now the question is, what kind of weather do you actually need to worry about while hiking? Obviously, it’s the rain.

But there’s no way to doubt that even hiking in the rain can be fun. The problem is your backpack won’t be agreeing with that unless it’s the Gregory Stout.

This backpack comes with a rain cover that you’ll find in its dedicated zippered pocket. So, clearly, when the sky will start crying you won’t have to rush to find the rain cover as you know where it exactly is.

But there’s one more thing we believe you’re going to love. Before revealing that, let us ask you something first.

Which item do you think is the most difficult one to find out from a backpack?

The answer is – keys.

Surprisingly, this zippered pocket got a key clip inside. So, rather than roaming confused about where you kept your keys, you can always look in the right place.

Sleeping Bag Compartment

If you’ve been through any backpack organizing tutorial, then probably you’ve noticed that a big part of total space is often taken by the sleeping bag. After all, something as big as that is quite hard to slip in into tight spaces.

So, how much would you wish at that time if you could’ve had a separate place to keep your sleeping bag so that you wouldn’t have to compromise the total space? Well, it seems team Gregory understood what you’re asking for.

Probably, that’s why they’ve added a sleeping bag compartment in their zippered bottom.

With this amazing addition, now you won’t have to struggle for extra room and keep your things more organized than ever.

Thanks to its removable divider for making it all easy as pie. Besides, you can also tie a sleeping bag.

Gender-Specific Fit

The days were kind of over when we used to see hiking backpacks being different on the basis of gender. We’re not saying things were wrong then.

But the backpack designers these days have taken their designs to a whole other level where you can get one without thinking about whether it’s for men or women.

It seems that has been the same case for Gregory Stout as well.

The way it’s designed, its shoulder harness, and the hip belt has made it perfectly fit any human anatomy, whether it’s male or female.

Floating Top Pocket

Most of the hikers or adventurers always think of having some items in their backpacks to get quick access to. But without the required space on the outside of the backpack, that doesn’t happen all the time.

But this backpack is on the exceptional side, and the reason is nothing but its Floating Top Pocket.

This zippered pocket can take a lot of stuff that you might want to have instantly right after putting the backpack down, stuff that you can’t slip in the hip belt pocket.

Dual-Side Mesh Pockets

Well, who could possibly miss that? After all, this feature has been so common and important in backpacks that you just can’t think of one without it.

So, team Gregory had to put that in their creation too.

But the exceptional part is, rather than keeping it in the loose, they’ve made them with straps on the side. This means while you’ll be taking any jumpy trail, you won’t have to worry about the things you’ve kept in there.

While taking it back, all you’ll have to do is make the strap loose and get it out.

Wait a minute! Who said we’re done with the mesh pockets. This Gregory Stout got one on the front as well, and this one is literally oversized.

So, if you’re looking for the ‘meshy’ room for any of your bigger items, then this is it.

Quick-Pull Drawcord Closure

Who doesn’t love to keep quick and easy? If you’re among them too then, Gregory Stout has good news for you, and it’s called the Quick-Pull Drawcord Closure.

If you’re in a hurry or don’t like to struggle with the zippers, then this drawcord closure will make you reach your things in no time.

For keeping away from getting opened on its own, the makers have got it the top webbing compression.

So, if you’re thinking your stuff won’t stay secured in there then we don’t think you’ll have to be worried about that even a bit.

Hydration Sleeve

hydration sleeve

Who do you think is your best friend when it’s just you and the harsh trail? If you’re thinking about anything else but water, then you’re on the wrong track, mate.

Because once dehydration will hit, it’ll hit real hard. So, you better be ready with some H2O for that.

But how are you planning to carry it all the way up there? With a bottle? But don’t you think it’ll eat up some extra space in your backpack?

Thankfully, this backpack got a solution for that. As the headline said, it’s the Hydration Sleeve.

It got a hanger where you can add your reservoir filled with enough water for the trip. The only problem here is you’ll have to buy a reservoir separately as it doesn’t come with the backpack.

On top of that, the internal hydration sleeve comes with the exit port. This means you don’t need to put the backpack down to reach the water.

Just use the hydration tube and fix it with your shoulder harness, as it has a system for that too. So, the next thing you’ll see that way is the water close to you whether you want it or not.

Tool Attachment Points

Hey! Do you have a plan to get onto something rocky this time? Because if that’s what you’ve got in mind, then we bet you’re going to need a trekking pole there.

But where will you put them then? After all, it’s not that you’ll need them all the time. Plus, holding them in your hand always might get a bit tiring.

Well, thankfully, with the Tool Attachment Points here, you won’t have to deal with that headache.

Besides, it has a bungee closure system. So, there’s no way for you to drop them in the middle of the road or anywhere else.

Reinforced Bottom Panel

When you’ll be out there in the wild, clearly you won’t be having a carpeted surface to drop your backpack.

But the problem is if the bottom can’t handle that part, there’s a chance of you returning a damaged backpack.

If the bottom is right, no matter where you’re putting it, that won’t be a problem — keeping that in mind, the makers have gifted this backpack with a reinforced bottom panel.

But its solidness didn’t come out of the blue. Thanks to its dual-layer construction for that. Now it’s up to you if you want it to land on rock or grass, it can handle both of them.

Good Carrying Capacity

Clearly, you won’t be carrying a pile of feathers while going out there on a trek. The stuff you’ll bring in will be quite heavy, and your backpack has to be strong enough to carry all of them too.

However, the good news is, there’s a high chance that you’ll be able to put in each and every stuff of yours in it.

The reason is nothing but the 50lbs max carrying capacity.

Lightweight Construction

How much your backpack is going to weigh can influence you well you’re being able to keep up with your trekking team. The reason is quite clear.

If you’re using a backpack that weighs too much without putting anything in there, that extra weight can make it tough for you to reach anywhere in a faster face.

Thankfully, you won’t have to see that day with this Gregory creation. After all, even having such solid and strong construction, it weighs only 3.56 lbs.

It seems those high hills are not going to be a problem for you anymore.

Technical Specifications

Adjustable Torso Yes
Fits Torso 16″ – 21″
Internal Frame Yes
Closure Type Drawcord
Frame Type Wishbone
Suspension Technology VERSAFIT
Adjustable Hipbelt Yes
Fits Hips 27″ – 53″
Max Carrying Capacity 50lbs
Weight 3.56lbs
Rain Cover Yes
Raincover Weight 0.23 lbs
  • Made of strong-durable material like nylon and polyester
  • Tool Attachment Points allows holding trekking pole
  • Quick-Pull Drawcord Closure ensures quicker access
  • Hydration Sleeve helps in making it hydration compatible
  • Included rain cover protects in rainy weather
  • 3D-Foam Back Panel ensures breathability
  • Zippered bottom gives separate space for sleeping bag
  • Perforated Shoulder Harness delivers extra comfort
  • Doesn’t include the Hydration Reservoir
  • Not available in too many color variations

Final Words

If anyone is looking for a backpack to fall in love with, we believe for them this Gregory Stout 65 review can be the right-click.

And why shouldn’t it be that? It got the look, features, sturdiness, strength, durability, and everything else you could’ve asked from the finest only.

So, when are you planning to get one of these?

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