10 Best Snake Gaiters For Hiking Trips In 2022

There is trouble, and then there is danger. When you go hiking, you’ll face both of these problems. For adventure-spirited people, adrenaline is crucial, and so is taking precautions.

If you’re going into the wild, you have to be aware of the creepy crawlies that slither along the length of the forest floor. But, of course, you don’t want to get bitten, so we recommend that you wear gaiters.

Regular gaiters may not be enough to protect you from venomous threats like snakes. You need to wear special ones.

Here, we’re going to discuss the best snake gaiters for hiking. Get one of these, and you’ll have overall protection against small and big threats alike.

Importance Of Gaiters For Hiking

Hiking is a commitment. Once you go in, you can’t stop or come back before you’re done because that would definitely be a wussy thing to do.

So once you’re in, you’re in. And as such is the case, it is essential to think about the situation realistically.

Hiking grounds can be dirty, muddy, dry, or snowy. Whatever it is, you’re definitely going to face discomforts like pebbles, insects, leeches, thorns, and so on.

Amidst all of this rubble, if you’re not wearing gaiters, you won’t be able to go far.

Gaiters are very sturdy, waterproof, and resistant to abrasions. They protect your feet as you walk along the wild trails of your chosen hiking area.

Without gaiters, you will be exposed to a lot of injuries – big and small alike.

On a small scale, the injuries will make hiking uncomfortable for you and make you feel too cautious to enjoy the trail.

But a bigger and more significant issue with the injuries is that they might turn into infections later that will make your suffering drag along for an extended period.

As always, prevention is better than cure. This is why you must wear your gaiters when you go hiking.

10 Best Snake Gaiters For Hiking & Hunting

We trust nothing but the best gaiters to protect you against snake bites. This is why our list here comprises only the best snake gaiters in the market; you will find nothing subpar here.

Take a look.

#1. Crackshot Snake Proof Guardz Gaiters

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These are the best kind of bite-proof gaiters there are in the market. Just by going on appearances, you can tell that these Crackshot gaiters are of good quality.

Everyone raves about these gaiters because of how comfortable yet protective they are.

The gaiters only weigh 11 ounces, which is basically as light as a feather if we compare them with some of the other high-enduring gaiters in the market.

One unique thing about these gaiters is that they come with metatarsal protection! This is an extra flap that is stitched to the length of the gaiter.

The flap covers the front part of your feet to protect them from any heavy objects falling on from above and hurting you.

These gaiters have a pretty unique design that lets in a lot of air and keeps the circulation going so that your feet don’t sweat and become stinky at the end of the day.

Walking around with sweaty feet is quite a disgusting feeling, but that’s something you won’t have to endure when these snake gaiters are what you wear.

Crackshot Snake Guardz are best to wear when you go to areas that are laden with snakes. These are great gaiters that will snugly hold your calf and cover your metatarsal area.

The sizes are accurately made by following detailed measurements so that they won’t sit weirdly with you.

  • Comes with metatarsal protection
  • Made with synthetic fabrics
  • Many different sizes are available
  • Color will blend in with the surroundings
  • The fits are all very well adjusted to their measurements
  • Protects both the upper leg and the lower leg
  • Don’t cover the entire front part of the foot


These gaiters are incredible for giving support in light hikes. They will pull through mountaineering hikes as well since they’re so comfortable and enduring.

#2. TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters

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These gaiters are reversible!

One side of the gaiters is a solid khaki color that blends in with the dry ground, whereas the other side of the gaiters is a camo color.

Camo colors are the best hiding tones – be it raining or storm, camo blends so seamlessly with forest ground that most animals can’t even detect them by sight.

You can use any of these sides as you see fit. These are quite versatile for sure. There are zippers and cinch straps on these gaiters that will allow you to customize the fit to match your body easily.

You can wear them on top of your pants and zip them up to make a good seal on your calves.

These gaiters are particularly effective against rattlesnakes, which are very fierce in their vicious attacks. What makes them so effective against deadly attacks like this is the high-strength material that they are made of.

Strong ballistic synthetic fibers are woven together to make a mesh that is impenetrable yet waterproof and breathable. Such a combination in the building structure makes it a solid shield against those deadly snakes and keeps you secure.

These things come with a storage bag. Isn’t that amazing? Your gaiters might get wet during your hike. So when you take them off, you can keep them in the handy storage bag and carry them conveniently.

  • Has fixed adjustable measurements
  • Zippers and cinch straps make these gaiters flexible in size
  • Comes with a cinch cord and storage bag
  • Reversible design is handy for different terrains
  • Made with synthetic fibers
  • Waterproof, lightweight, and sturdy
  • The zippers are a bit of a hassle to work with


These gaiters are perfect for thorny places or places that have lots of grass. They will keep your feet safe from snake bites and also keep them sealed against moisture.

#3. Pike Trail Leg Gaiters

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This pair of gaiters is durable because it is made with layers of polyester that are resistant to water damage, rips, and tears.

Polyester is an excellent material for gaiters because it is lightweight, moisture-resistant, structured, and enduring.

One of the primary purposes of gaiters is to ensure your safety in harsh conditions. These polyester gaiters make it exceptionally safe for you to roam unknown lands when you go hiking.

The gaiters are approximately 15 inches tall. For the perfect fit on your legs, they are equipped with metal buckles and an adjustable drawstring.

Adjust the metal buckles if you need to change the length of the gaiters. And if you want to change how snugly the gaiters fit your calf, then pull the drawstrings and adjust as necessary.

This solves the problem that people usually have with the exact fit of the gaiters. Of course, you can always make the seal tight or loose, depending on your personal preferences.

There are also velcro tapes and metal studs you’ll find on the gaiters that make it easy for you to put them on. Overall, these gaiters are very easy to wear and also quite comfortable.

  • Water-proof, breathable, and durable
  • Made with soft, lightweight, yet strong fabric
  • Height and width can both be adjusted
  • Comes with velcro straps and metal studs for adjustment
  • Metal buckles and drawstrings make the gaiters fit well around your legs
  • You’ll get a carrying bag for the convenience of carrying
  • The velcro hook is a bit off in position
  • Elastic around the bottom is uncomfortable


These gaiters are good at protecting your feet, but they might be a bit uncomfortable in casual hikes because of the height.

However, the height makes it more suitable for trudging along in densely bushy areas.

#4. Razer Gaiters With Storage Bag

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Razer Gaiters have a great make of 13 separate panels that wrap smoothly around your legs, calves, and ankles.

The inner side of the panels is made with polycarbonate, and the outer part is made with nylon Cordura. If you want durability, these gaiters are not going to disappoint you.

These protective garments are made for people with calf sizes 13 to 20 inches. However, even the best-fitted gaiters need adjustments.

Fortunately, there are a few buckles and straps in these gaiters that you can use to create a perfect seal to your legs.

You will fall in love with how well these gaiters hug your legs. These are perfect for exploration. Go on short walks, hikes, and wilderness adventures without the fear of having them betray your confidence.

The material is resistant to tears so that you can walk through thorns and bushes without getting poked. Thanks to the surprisingly lightweight design, these things feel incredibly comfortable.

They weigh about 13 ounces, so you won’t feel like you’re being weighed down as you keep gaining miles of walking distance.

These gaiters are not only limited to their protection against snakes. They are so heavy-duty that they’re great for protecting you in many other harsh conditions.

If you’re a logger, treasure hunter, gas/oil/utility worker, then you can wear them to work as well.

  • The double-layered fabric makes it more durable than regular gaiters
  • Material of construction is very durable and resistant to tears
  • Cannot be penetrated
  • Straps, cinches, and drawstrings make the fit adjustable
  • Thermally stable
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Comes off as a bit stiff


These are excellent for a wide variety of travel. They fit well, and they are very durable. You can rely on these gaiters to protect you in deep forests, bushes, etc.

#5. U.S. Solid Snake Gaiters

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If you don’t want to take chances, get these snake gaiters from the Solid Store right away. They have been tested on their level of protection, and the results have been 100% successful.

So, there’s no place for doubt with these gaiters. They’re pretty solid both in their claim and their usability.

The dimensions of these garments are 16 inches on the top circumference, 16.5 inches in height, and 20 inches in the bottom circumference.

There are buttons and straps in the structure that will give you the flexibility to adjust the fit of the gaiters as you deem necessary.

A hydrophobic layer on the topmost layer of these gaiters provides the main protective seal against snake bites.

The specialty of the layer is that it repels water. So, the venom cannot bind with it. Rather, it sits on top, and then it’s simply a matter of wiping the liquid venom away by using a piece of cloth.

Another feature of great advantage is the color of these gaiters.

They have a camo green color typically used when going out for hikes because this color becomes completely inconspicuous against the backdrop of the forest floor and the fallen leaves.

You will not only be protected from snakes, but you’ll also be able to derive great pleasure in using these gaiters when it snows or rains.

These gaiters are waterproof and impenetrable – so they will serve you a versatile range of functions in different circumstances.

  • Has a hydrophobic surface layer that repels venoms
  • Proven to be safe by merit of several lab tests
  • The color of the gaiters will perfectly camouflage
  • Protects you from snakes, dirt, snow, and rain
  • Has straps and buttons for fit adjustability
  • Doesn’t have drawstrings


Wear this with a pair of quality hiking boots and jeans for getting the most comfort while hiking.

These gaiters will help you concentrate on your hunt rather than being worried about snakes at your feet.

#6. V-Cheetong Snake Gaiters

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This one will show you reliability just by appearances. The first thing you will notice is that it has an extra strap of PVC over the position of your ankle.

This part is particularly protected because that’s where snakes are most likely to attack you.

The fabric of the gaiters is 600D Oxford, which is very thick and durable. It’s waterproof and breathable too.

With all these traits in conjunction, you can rest assured that you will have the complete freedom of exploring around without the fear of being bitten by a big old snake.

These gaiters will give you full-circle protection not only from snakes but also from thorns, bushes, poisonous herbs, and all such threats at ground level.

You will appreciate the way this protective gear fits your legs. The lower leg portion is 13 inches, and the perimeter covers 6.9 inches.

Furthermore, you can adjust the fit to suit your comfort level by using the attachments that come with it.

There is an elastic band on each gaiter and buckle. Use them to give yourself that comfort seal that won’t start giving away no matter where you travel.

These gaiters also have a hook and loop design on the instep. Here you can tighten or loosen the gaiters for that snug fit.

These things are suitable for men and women of all ages. They are freely adjustable, very comfortable, and incredibly protective. The material is long-lasting, too, so invest in these gaiters without hesitation.

  • Made with super-resilient 600D Oxford fabric
  • Has a polypropylene front panel for an extra layer of protection
  • Waterproof tearproof
  • Will provide the perfect camouflage on the forest floor
  • Instep has a hook and loop design that makes fitting adjustments easy
  • Strap under the boot comes off


These gaiters provide a very decent level of protection. If you are a casual hiker, we definitely recommend you to get this one.

#7. Ueasy Leg Gaiters

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You can share these leg gaiters from Ueasy with your family. There are attachments incorporated into the structure that will help you to adjust the fit around your legs so that anyone can wear them.

These gaiters are very comfortable. The elasticity on top is flexible and sturdy. As a result, they won’t cut into your feet and obstruct your movement.

Also, you will find a hook and straps near the shoelace that you can tie up to prevent the gaiters from coming off.

The gaiters are constructed with a fabric called 600D Oxford, and the liner on top is made with polyester. Moreover, the belts on the sides are built with TPU nylon, a thermally stable material resistant to all wear and tear.

These belts will give you the support you need when you’re making a new size adjustment. In addition, they make the gaiters anti-fall, and that is incredibly useful when you are on adventures that demand the best of you.

Wear these when you go out running, walking, skiing, hunting, hiking, and so on. Weather isn’t a threat either. You can wear these in the sun, rain, or snow without worrying about damaging them.

  • Made with 600D Oxford and polyester
  • Waterproof, wear-resistant, strong, durable
  • Has an excellent structural build
  • Great for skiing, running, hiking
  • Anti-fall off straps give you increased security
  • Can withstand harsh weather
  • Quiet noisy when you walk


Walking with these gaiters is very comfortable because of the lightweight fabric.

However, they do make quite a bit of noise because of the nylon TPU, so you can’t wear them if you’re going hunting.

#8. IC ICLOVER Snake Guards

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Take these with you when you’re going hunting, hiking, and also when you’re going out on camping trips.

The material that these gaiters are made of is very lightweight. They only weigh about 30 ounces, and this makes them incredibly comfortable as well.

However, that doesn’t take anything away from the level of protection you will get from these protective garments.

These things are constructed with a puncture-resistant material that will block out snake venom from reaching you.

As a result, you will be protected from all kinds of threats in the wild, whether that is a threat from snakes, cactuses, thorns, or clever insects.

Thanks to the Velcro straps and buckles, the gaiters hold their position without slipping away due to the pull and wriggle involved in strenuous, adventurous travel.

Furthermore, a foot band made with TPU nylon makes the gaiters fit well around calves of different thicknesses. So we’d say that these are quite versatile as they’re suitable for different kinds of people.

You will also get a carrying bag with these gaiters that measures 17.7 inches in length, 17.7 inches, 9.44 inches in width, and about 1.18 inches in height.

The gaiters, on the other hand, measure 23.62 inches by length and 15.75 inches by width. So you can fold them up into a compact size and then shove them into your bag when you don’t need them.

  • Resistant to stabs, wear, and damage
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Made with lightweight yet sturdy material
  • Perfect for hunting, fishing, and camping as well
  • Can be folded up into a compact size
  • Not much protection near the toes


These are very sturdy gaiters that will be perfect for casual camping and also for going on hunting.

In addition, they are easy to carry because they are so lightweight and conveniently folded.

#9. QTECLOR Leg Gaiters

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These are the perfect gaiters for hiking in the snow. They are made particularly for snowy adventures and for long-term use.

The implications of the trilayer technology on these 500D nylon-made leg gaiters are that you will get long-term use out of them, and no zone will be off-limits for you.

Thanks to the sturdy and tear-resistant first layer, these garments are incredibly durable. The second part is made with a waterproof membrane that keeps water, snow, and all moisture away from your feet.

Finally, the third and the innermost part has a breathable liner that helps you stay active by keeping your feet dry and ready for long hours of walking.

These are some very well-built gaiters that are resistant to wear. You can fold them up into a compact size if you need to carry them.

Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t come with a bag, but it is lightweight enough to be held in your backpack.

However, we haven’t discussed the top feature of QTECLOR Leg Gaiters yet. The part that makes them stand out is the snowshoe gear that makes them particularly excellent for use in knee-deep snow.

These are lined with fleece to keep your legs warm. In addition, there are metal shoelace hooks that keep these gaiters firmly in place.

Overall, this equipment will protect you from snakes, snow, and the cold all at once.

  • 3-layered technology used to build the structure
  • Very sturdy, lightweight, and durable
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Can be worn in the snow because of the fleece lining on the inside
  • Velcro at the front makes it very easy to wear
  • Instep is made with flexible TPU nylon
  • The fit isn’t right throughout the range of sizes


These are really well-made gaiters, but the sad part about their construction is that many of the sizes are of very poor dimensions.

However, if you find the right size, they will serve you incredibly well against the snake bites and the cold alike.

#10. EnergeticSky Leg Gaiters

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These are really sturdy leg gaiters with that three-layered structure that is so incredible at protection.

1000D nylon was used to make the top surface of these gaiters, and this is a very comfortable and breathable material. They will protect you from snake bites, bug bites, and other thorns that come your way.

The middle portion of these protective garments is a waterproof membrane that keeps moisture away. As they’re dustproof as well, there’s not much maintenance to keep up with anyway.

Wearing and taking these gaiters off is easy because of the drawstring straps around them. The velcro is of excellent quality and sturdiness. They fold up to a compact size that is convenient for carrying in your backpack.

You can take these with you in wet and dry weather alike. Activities like hiking, hunting, mountaineering will become much more appealing to you when you have the confidence of going out there in the wild without the fear of being bitten.

  • Made with 1000D nylon and polyester
  • Has three layers for three degrees of protection
  • Waterproof, dustproof and stab-resistant
  • Breathable inner lining keeps your legs dry and fresh
  • High-strength velcro for strapping the gaiters on and off
  • Can be worn for ice-climbing as well
  • Plastic snap buckle is placed in an inconvenient location


These gaiters are perfect for high-energy travel. You can wear these in the snow, mud, or dry weather.

They keep moisture, insects, dirt, dust, and snake venom away from your feet at all costs.

What To Look For Before Buying

There are several types of gaiters in the market. You have to choose what you want; not all of them will be a good fit.

Here are the factors you have to take into account.


Snake gaiters are made for a very special purpose. So, needless to say, the material used to make them has to be unique as well.

There are three aspects in which the material should excel– waterproofing, durability, and overall quality.

One material that checks out all these factors is a high-hold tight-weaved pattern of fibers and polyester.

The mesh produced through the weave is so thick and obstructive that the snake won’t be able to pierce into it with poison. Thus, you’ll be safe.

Also, the mesh is breathable because the pattern isn’t a thick one layered type; instead, it is a crisscross that lets a lot of air enter the chamber inside. This pattern also keeps the material lightweight.

And finally, both fibers and polyester are waterproof materials just in themselves. So, it’s no wonder that when weaved together, they’d have an even stronger ability to repel water.

Some other materials that will keep you safe from snakes are canvas, leather, special Corduroy nylon, or any other such group of synthetic weaves.


You have to look for the perfect fit. But gaiters aren’t like regular shoes or hiking boots. So here’s how you can understand what the right fit is.

Let’s begin by saying that your gaiters shouldn’t have any zippers on them or any buckles either. These nifty things would be counterproductive to your purpose.

Check if the gaiters can wrap the whole perimeter of your calf without leaving any gaps around it. If this seal is tight, look at how well it adjusts to your walking style and speed.

Walk at different speeds and in different ways to know if the gaiter is flexible and durable enough to accommodate free movement.


Color matters a lot when you’re going into the wild where there are potential dangers. Don’t wear bright, flashy colors – they attract too much attention.

Also, snakes can detect flashy colors very quickly.

So, if you don’t want an angry snake to slither out to get you, get gaiters of such low-beat colors. Brown, grey, dark green, or camo would be excellent and ideal.

Types Of Gaiters

There are different gaiters for different levels of hiking. Take a look below to see which one you’d be able to get the most use out of.

  • Hiking

These gaiters are protective, lightweight, and highly breathable. You don’t have to worry about grit, rocks, or rain when you wear these.

Let us mention that all hiking gaiters are not fully waterproof, but some are. So if you’re in an area with snow and mud, seek out waterproof hiking gaiters from the market.

These are generally perfect for going out on short hikes during the day or similar lightweight backpacking travel.

  • Mountaineering

If you want heavy-duty gaiters, ask for mountaineering gaiters. These gaiters are generally waterproof and very sturdy.

They are made with a breathable fabric that protects without compromising on quality or comfort.

You can wear these gaiters when you are mountaineering and also when you’re out skiing, snowshoeing, ice-climbing, or hunting in bushes.

Height Of The Gaiter

In general, tall gaiters provide more protection because they cover a more extensive surface area. But they are a bit uncomfortable to wear because they trap air inside.

On the other hand, small gaiters cover a small surface area and have better airflow. This is why they are generally more breathable.

There are three gaiters according to height differences.

Over The Ankle

These are good for trail running and for hiking in the summer. They keep pebbles and other debris away.

Mid Calf

These are good for conditions that edge a bit towards the extreme. They are about 8 – 12 inches tall, and they’re good at keeping the rain, mud, and dry debris away.


You will be protected to the max when you wear these knee-high gaiters. They are about 15-18 inches tall, and they are particularly made for hiking in extreme conditions such as in deep snow.

Size Of Gaiter

If your gaiters don’t fit, they’ll be a nuisance to you. If it’s too tight, it will be uncomfortable and may even form blisters on your skin.

On the other hand, if they’re too loose, snow, water, and other debris will get into them and make you feel gross.

You have to get just the right fit to have complete satisfaction with your purchase.

Gaiters usually come in sizes that correspond with the user’s regular shoe size. So, you can use your regular U.S. shoe size to work out what size of gaiters you need.

If the gaiters are perfect for you, then they’ll have an excellent seal all around, and the fit will be snug.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Snake Gaiters Really Be Able To Protect Me From The Sharp Poisonous Fangs?

Yes, because snakes usually target areas near the ankle/knee/foot.

These are the exact spots that the gaiters cover, so you will be protected from the venom.

What Kind Of Shoes Should I Wear?

You should wear tall leather boots with your gaiters if you want maximum protection.

What Else Can I Use To Ward Off Snakes?

Snakes don’t like strong smells like cinnamon, garlic, lime, and cloves.

So you could carry these items with you to further ensure your safety.

What Materials Are Most Effective At Stopping Snake Bites?

Synthetic, thick denim, Cordura nylon are some of the most effective fabrics against the venom of snakes.

Can Snakes Bite On Gaiters?

Most gaiters are made with fabrics that are non-porous on the outside.

These fabrics do not let the fangs penetrate the top surface, so venom can’t reach your skin.

Final Words

If you’re thinking about going out on a hike, the first thing to do is take precautions. You have to protect yourself from all those threats at ground level.

So, we hope our list of the best snake gaiters for hiking gave you a clue about what you should get for your protection.

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