15 Best Hiking Backpacks For Big Guys In 2022 [Ultimate Picks]

Befriending hills and mountains are something hikers have dedicated their lives to. Even if you’re someone who hikes once in a blue moon, you can’t disagree with the passion and addiction it generates.

Such expeditions feel pale and dull if you don’t have a backpack full of your essentials to become a digital nomad.

But if you’re a tall and big dude, things are a bit challenging for you – especially finding a pack that fits you right.

If you’ve been searching for the best hiking backpacks for big guys, you can stop right there. We have come with a pack of bags that can easily fit anyone, no matter how big and large he/she is.


Put on your bungee rope and dive in!

How Your Hiking Backpack Should Fit?

No matter how tall or bulky you are, it doesn’t count when it comes to fitting your budget hiking backpack.

They are supposed to fit you just like everybody else out there having packs.

These are the things you should look for:

Fits Torso Length

Your torso length has to match your travel backpack. If you want to know the length of your torso, you got to measure the distance between the tip of your shoulder and the tip of your hips.

You may use this measurement instead of your total height to know the right backpack size that fits your body.

Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap of your pack has to be enlarged two to three inches, at least, to fit your armpit.

Hip Belt

Your hip belt must sit directly on your hips; that’s a fact. Your weight will not be administrated properly when the volume is too high or too low.

Benefits Of Hiking Packs

If you find the right hiking pack for yourself, you are going to enjoy countless benefits, for sure. Here are some of the perks you will enjoy.

Stress-Free Hike

An ideal hiking pack will give you an entirely stress-free hiking experience. When hiking, it’s important to remain at ease.

And when you have a hiking pack that is carrying all the means you need to survive, relaxation is guaranteed.

Safety Of Our Belongings

If you have got the right hiking pack, then it’s supposed to ensure the safety of all your belongings. You won’t lose your necessary items easily.

A good hiking pack must have a lockable hiking zipper with a safety lock system, which will prevent thieves from stealing your stuff.

Easy Access

Hiking packs have multiple compartments that you can use to keep your necessary supplies such as a tent, flashlight, toiletries, etc.

You won’t have any probability of losing valuable items, and when it comes to finding a specific object, you can find it easily.

This is because it has individual compartments for carrying different items.


A terrible condition you may encounter during hiking is a wild storm.

In such situations, if you are carrying your items in a bag that does not have a waterproof facility, you will be in real trouble.

Most likely, all of your stuff will get wet, and that’s where your hiking is going to end.

No one wants to go through such a terrible situation. To make sure of that, hiking packs have a rainproof feature that will enable you to continue with your hiking even with all the rains in the sky pouring down on you.

15 Best Hiking Backpacks For Big Guys Reviews

We had to literally swim through the ocean of backpacks for tall guys to shrink the list to only 15. It wasn’t an easy job, but we did pull it off. So, here’s what we found!

#1. TETON Sports Fox Backpack (5200)

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We kick off our adventure for the quest of the best packs for big dudes with the Teton Sports Fox 5200 internal frame backpack.

For those of you who know the brand Teton, know-how reliability got synonymous with the brand.

The bag comes with 85 liters of large capacity which proves to be enough for a 5-day trip. Truly lose yourself in the woods with all your belongings inside.

Measuring around 5200 cubic inches, there’s room for every single essential you take with you on your trips.

Although the 5.5-pound weight may raise a few eyebrows, this isn’t a heavy one, after all. You can easily carry it around your back without feeling any fatigue or pressure on your shoulder or your back.

That’s because of two things. One, it comes with a torso adjustment system that can be adjusted in multiple positions.

It can be adjusted to fit a wide range of body types – regardless of your size. So, if you’re a big guy in the gang, it’s equally for you!

The second reason we think it’s perfect for you is the durable open-cell foam lumbar pad. This pad, along with the molded channels on it, allows you to be properly ventilated throughout your journey.

It allows air to flow inside and out to make sure your back is not getting drenched in sweat. Plus, the suffocation you may feel is completely out of the question.

Even if you feel like you do not have enough space in it, the bag comes with bungee ropes around the outer area. You can put anything you want inside the ropes, and the bag will hold it tightly.

And once you’re done and ready to rule the woods, you can use the side compression straps to tighten the bag to make sure it’s securely locked.

Highlighted Features

  • Huge 5200 Cubic inches of space allows you to pack all your belongings
  • Comes with a multi-position torso adjustment
  • Offers an open-cell lumbar pad that is durable and provides enough airflow
  • Bungee straps for additional space outside
  • Includes a sleeping bag, as well
  • Tear-resistant
  • Adjustable hip

#2. Osprey Rook 65 Men’s Backpack

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To make your walk in the woods as effortless as possible, the Osprey Rook 65 Men’s Backpack comes with a lightweight and innovative design.

It can carry smaller loads very well. For those who don’t get to carry heavy loads or don’t need to take this pack very far, this backpack is a perfect choice for them.

This tall backpack comes with a simple set of features under your budget. The ergonomically shaped shoulder strap is a big advantage.

It’s capable of carrying 3-40 lbs of loads, and it takes small loads, as well. That’s why, for an overnight stay, this is a good choice.

The AirSpeed back panel will give you great ventilation, and the wire-frame performs an incredible job of transferring the loads to the waist belt. This feature makes it very comfortable to carry on your expedition.

It has two mesh water bottle pockets with ‘on the go’ side access, making it very user-friendly. In mid-hike, you will be able to grab something from the bottom of the pack because of the sleeping bag compartment zipper.

When you have a wet cloth or tent that you need to keep away from your other items, then the flap in the inside of the central compartment can come in handy.

The side compression straps on the top and bottom can be helpful for trekking or tent poles. You will also see a separate set of straps that can be great for a foam sleeping pad.

This Osprey Rook backpack comes in one fixed size with a 4″ range on the torso, which is very easy to adjust.

The discrete cord loops with the sternum strap enable it to adjust with different heights on the shoulder strap.

The most amazing thing about this travel backpack is its price, as it features almost all of your requirements under your budget.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable Airspeed suspension provides great ventilation to reduce sweating
  • Integrated rain cover protects your items even during a rainstorm
  • Zippered Sleeping Bag with floating divider makes it user-friendly
  • Internal Hydration Sleeve to keep a good amount of water
  • Comes under your budget

#3. Amazon Basics Hiking Backpack

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When the mountain is calling your soul for the next daring adventure, the Amazon Basics backpack is the companion you need.

If you are someone looking for camping and hiking on a tight budget, then this backpack is the right choice for you.

You are going to get a design that is truly durable, has impressive performance, and has a great amount of storage space to keep your necessary items.

Most importantly, it offers you a convenient fitting that will make you feel great during your expedition.

It’s made of very durable polyester and comes in two different colors ­– green and black, making it very attractive.

This backpack is capable of carrying plenty of loads and comes in three different choices of sizes – 70L, 60L, and 50L. Plus, it comes with an additional collar to carry an extra 5L of loads.

This backpack is designed for different body shapes and heights. It provides you with a secure and nice fit around the torso. The fitting is also adjustable according to your size.

One of the best parts of this backpack is that it comes with comfortable lumbar support. You can tell it from the lumber pad foam that is an open-cell one. Don’t forget the molded channels, as those increase the breathability, as well.

This facility also provides increased airflow, and the straps make heavier objects feel lighter as these are padded too. The backpack is designed for all people, whether you are women or men, youths or adults alike.

A little splash of rain is not going to stop you anymore as this tall backpack comes with a durable coating that is water-resistant.

On top of that, you also have the rainfly in it that protects your valuables from rainwater. You get a rain cover as well so that you can save your food when it’s raining in torrents.

Apart from food, you can also keep as many items as you need in the pockets and compartments.

Separated by organized packs, you can easily store your items so that you can conveniently locate them later.

Highlighted Features

  • Internal-frame backpack with 75 L capacity provides a great space
  • Made from top-class durable and strong polyester
  • Multiple pockets and gaps to let you carry more items
  • Comes with a lot of lumber pad foam and molded channels
  • Water-resistant outer coating and internal water-resistant feature

#4. High Sierra Hiking Pack

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We are going to hit the road of today’s review with Pathway Pack 90L. To ensure maximum comfort in your next adventure, the High Sierra Pathway backpack comes with extra padding and breathable air mesh.

For your weekend excursion into the backcountry, this big guys best backpack is the one you need. The bag has shoulder straps, so you can easily adjust them to fit your height.

To expend the weight evenly on your shoulder, its non-slip shoulder pads are going to be really helpful.

The High Sierra is one of the most durable backpacks for tall guys that you will find in the market.

This internal frame backpack, on the other hand, is made up of 500 x 500 fabric that joins hands with 900-Denier Duralite to give you robust durability.

You won’t have to worry about getting your gears wet by the rainwater as it comes with a water-resistant Teach-Weave feature.

The best part is its large central compartment where you can carry all the things you need on your next adventure. It also has multiple pockets so you can keep your stuff separately.

It features deep zipper access to a large main compartment and a spacious front zippered pocket with an internal organizer.

Coupled with that, you have stretch mesh exterior pockets. During your hiking keeping yourself hydrated is going to be a lot easier as High Sierra has a mesh beverage pocket.

This backpack from High Sierra also offers daisy chains that let you clip extra gear to your pack using webbing straps.

Having this amazing feature will enable you to increase your carrying capacity while hiking.

Also, the strategic location of this system will let you easily reach for the items that you may need frequently.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an airflow padded back panel to maximize your comfort
  • A large front pocket with internal dividers enables you quick and easy access
  • Side compression straps let you carry more stuff
  • High-quality denier waffle ripstop fabric ensures great durability
  • Accessory pocket with a key fob makes it a lot user-friendly

#5. Gregory Mountain Products Denali

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Going hiking in the pinnacle of a big mountain, the Denali 100 Liter Expedition backpack will provide you with great support all the way. This is the best pack for expedition travel over snow, ice, and glaciers.

It comes with special loops that you can use to attach a sled, and the climbing gets a lot easier because of its tapered shape.

The balance and comfort of this pack are truly impressive. The pool loops of this pack are amazingly oriented to draw a sled efficiently.

The Denali comes with thick padding, yet it is relatively durable. Its strippable aluminum frame and the top-loading design make it quite a user-friendly one.

Also, it’s great that the frame above the shoulder is bent quite gently away from your head. Moreover, it has a semi-circular cutout where you usually rest your head.

This backpack has a great deal of storage capacity and also durable side pockets that can be expanded.

To add to that, the internal divider with a zip-away feature and the instant-access zip map offers you an organized expedition.

Having a single zipped hip belt accessory pocket, this bag offers you great advantages, such as keeping your essential items within easy reach while wearing your pack.

Also, you can keep a small flashlight, pocketknife, and a lightweight rain jacket in it. Its dual front panel daisy chain enables you to clip extra gear to your pack using webbing straps.

You can attach your ice-ax easily while hiking and clip any items you have whipped to the outside.

Its puncture-resistant double-layer laminated panels add great durability to the carrier.

To carry your waterpot, it comes with a built-in water reservoir sleeve with a port to get access to.

Highlighted Features

  • Great weight balance let you carry heavier loads
  • Well-organized design makes your items easy to access
  • Amazing user-friendly design makes your expedition a lot comfortable
  • Puncture-resistant laminated panel ensures good durability
  • Accessory pocket enables you to carry more items

#6. Kelty Coyote 60-105 Liter Backpack

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Unleash the adventurous you from your inner cell with the Kelty Coyote backpack on your back. With this redesigned version, you can hit the road with the confidence you’re looking for.

Let this bag be your home! The 85 liters of space inside the pack lets you pack everything you need to be there in nature.

Its top-loading hollow space makes it pretty comfortable to load items on the go.

It comes with the Kelty signature-style wing pockets, coupled with a two-front zippered pocket. You can also find the J-zip top-loading access, as well, to be quite handy even if you’re briskly walking in the woods.

Apart from these essential carriers, the bag comes with daisy chains and water bottle pockets, as well.

The best part is, it has a sleeping bag compartment that can be used to keep each and every item inside neat and tidy.

Worried about your size and wondering if this masterpiece would fit you or not? Let go of your confusion, as this buddy comes with the all-new Fit Pro technology.

It allows you to quickly customize the bag size and adjust it according to your body on the go.

To keep your body well-ventilated, the bag features an amp-flow system. It keeps your body dry and cool even if you’re running under the scorching sun on the warmest day of the year!

Conquer the lands with the Kelty Coyote on your back as it keeps all your loads well-balanced.

Thanks to the Aluminum Stay in the external frame; you’ll never lose balance while you’re hiking!

Highlighted Features

  • Large 85-liter space inside to accommodate all the necessities
  • Comes with daisy chains, water pockets, and a sleeping bag compartment
  • Features Fit Pro technology to quickly access inside
  • Durable Aluminum Stay on the outer frame for load management
  • Ensures proper ventilation for your body

#7. Osprey Xenith Backpack

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A pack that understands the challenge ahead and accompanies you well on the way is hard to find. Such a carrier is the Osprey Xenith 88L.

The is a one-of-a-kind bag out there when it comes to carrying heavy loads for a long time. This pack offers you a legendary carrying capability with great comfort in your expedition.

A long expedition requires a good amount of gear and this backpack turns out to be a gamechanger here.

To ensure that you can carry an 88-liter pack, Osprey has developed one of the best large-load bearing back systems.

There’s a Biform hip belt added to expend the weight of the pack and provide you with a safer and more comfortable walk.

It comes with an adjustable torso harness and a back airspace panel that is going to keep your back dry and well ventilated.

When hiking for longer times, this feature will allow you to continue your journey quite comfortably.

This backpack is going to offer a big storage option for keeping your gears. The base zips and top-loading compartment give amazing accessibility to your necessary items.

It has two different zipped side pockets that put your gear in your hands in no time. This is done by keeping your gear safe and secure, as well.

The Osprey Xenith comes with a removable and comfy sleeping bag base compartment so that you can have a sound sleep and stay energized during your expedition.

The front hybrid nylon mesh pocket keeps the rain protector for easy access and keeps your items safe and fresh during rainy weather.

Thanks to the dual ice tool attachment point, you can loop tool handles faster than ever. Sternum strap with integrated safety whistle enables you to alert rescuers more easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable torso length allows you to fine-tune the fit for optimal performance
  • Integrated flap jacket keeps your gear safe when the top lid is removed
  • External hydration reservoir sleeve is easily reachable
  • Dual side zips offer easier access to the gears stored in the main compartment
  • Removable sleeping pad straps make it user-friendly

#8. Kelty Tactical Eagle 7850 Backpack

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If the Kelty Coyote has managed to impress you, the Kelty Tactical Eagle is going to blow you away.

Yes, that’s right!

With a capacity of a staggering 128.7 liters, you can literally have free space even if you’ve filled it up completely.

Made from 100 percent nylon, you can tell how durable it is. Keep moving with this huge load on your back in the toughest of spaces in nature.

It comes with a puncture-resistant construction that stands up well enough when you’re piercing through the woods.

If you’re planning to get Kelty satellite radio, you’re in luck. This bag comes with a radio holder that can fit the Kelty radio quite nicely.

Plus, it has a battery holder on its side, as well. So, you can keep those flashlight batteries there, as well.

Having a sleeping bag compartment inside the bag is a plus. To add more, the compartment comes with a zippered divider, as well, for optimum security.

Adjustable torso means you’re never going to be like, ‘Oh! This doesn’t fit me!’. Yeah, you can totally fit this giant bag that can be adjusted from 16 to 22 inches range!

The best part of this bag is, you can easily access the compartments from both the top-loading entry and the front panel.

It makes perfect sense when you’re out there in the woods looking for quick access to any essential item.

When you’re done with the carrying, simply detach the quick-release strap from the bag to get rid of the weight.

It’s simple and easy.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable bag made from 100% nylon material
  • Puncture-resistant construction saves the bag from scratch and puncture
  • Comes with two removable side bags
  • Well secured sleeping bag compartment with zippered divider
  • Allows both top-loading and front-panel access

#9. Trespass 85L Ruck Sack

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If you’re looking for a solid, simple, and useful backpack with a lot of volumes to feed, meet the Trespass Ruck Sack.

Being an 85L bag, it’s not quite surprising that the bag comes with a lot of storage space.

Take all your belongings with you when you’re climbing up the hill. The top-loading style design makes it extremely easy to access the bag right on the go.

As for the size and fitting, the torso lengths come as quite flexible. You can easily change the length of it to fit your size.

No matter what size you are, a big guy or a small guy, it’s always going to suit you.

Carrying the bag on your shoulder is a sweat experience. Having the shoulder straps rightly padded, it is quite comfortable to carry the weight on your body. It distributes the weight on the upper portion of your body for a comfortable ride.

Constructed from heavy-duty 600D Polyester Ripstop, the bag is quite sturdy and robust.

Beat the roughest of weather conditions with this thing on your bag. Expect very little scratch and no puncture whatsoever!

In case of sudden rain, you can easily cover the bag up with a rain cover that comes right with the pack. Simply wrap the pack with the cover and save your valuables from getting wet and damaged.

If you’re looking for more space other than the inner 85L space, you can always use the two extra side pockets.

These bags are also pretty useful for the storage of multiple types of equipment.

Highlighted Features

  • Huge storage of 85 liters makes it a useful carrying bag
  • Comes with comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • Features waterproof rain cover to save the valuables during rainfall journey
  • Extra pockets on both sides of the pack
  • Made from robust 600D Polyester Ripstop fabric

#10. Wisport Raccoon 85L

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When it comes to going on a daring survival, the Raccoon 85-liter backpack is going to be your savior. The Cordura Nylon build makes it ultra-durable as it is developed with Polish Military forces.

You can easily separate the main compartment into two smaller sections, thanks to the internal compartment division hood.

That makes the top section worth as much as 2/3 of the total bag’s capacity. The bottom one, on the other hand, is about 1/3 of total holding.

Carrying long items such as rolled foam pad and tripod has become a lot easier as the internal hood of this backpack sports a drawstring. Its partial span allows you to carry such long items without encountering any hassle.

In the backside of the central compartment, you will find a large flat pocket where items such as a laptop or a small radio device can be easily stored.

Above the flat pocket, there are several small zip pockets and a hook for holding a hydration bag, and a passage hole for a hydration hose.

The most admirable feature of this backpack is its fully adjustable and Ergonomic FAS carrier system that lets you adjust the backpack even on the move.

Its ergonomic and wide-shaped shoulder strap design distributes the weight evenly – relieving the annoying pressure on your shoulder.

Whenever you wish, you can easily detach the belt from the rucksack. This belt has a set of Grimloc locking D-rings on both sides, which you can use to attach any extra accessories.

The compression strap of this bag enables the bag to adjust itself to the size of the carried kit. This stops it from creating unnecessary noise and discomfort while carrying.

Moreover, the front side of this backpack has multiple MOLLE strap attachment points, which you can use to mount different accessories like backpack bags, first aid kits, and pouches.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a great storage capability of 85 liters
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and back section padded with air mesh maximize your comfort
  • Shows off a very user-friendly design
  • Sports Molle strap attachment points

#11. Bseash 60L

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This 60L climbing backpack is specially designed for climbing freaks like you. The ergonomic design of this backpack offers you a comfortable experience along the way.

Its high-quality nylon fabric material makes it strong, durable, and able to resist abrasion and heat quite well.

It comes with ergonomically padded shoulder straps and cozy back support, which helps you to avoid discomfort along the expedition.

There are also these breathable mesh straps with enough sponge padding, so you won’t feel much pressure on your shoulder.

That’s truly a beneficial feature, especially when it comes to going for day-long hiking.

To make sure you’re getting proper ventilation, this backpack comes with S-type shoulder straps, which obviously are pretty widened, thickened, and made of high-quality elastic.

However, this backpack doesn’t come with any internal or external frame.

You will get a good deal of storage capacity; its spacious compartments and number of pouches with a large holding capability make sure of that.

The closing drawstring design of the special main pocket prevents your items from dropping out of the backpack. No worries with hydration on the go, as it has a pouch for a water bladder.

When it’s necessary, you can even carry extra water bottles in two side pockets. No hassle with airline size requirements as it meets most of their rules.

This lightweight hiking bag comes with 10 adjustable straps. You can tie it up easily and hang your mat, tripod, hammock, sleeping bag, and other items, which makes it very convenient for hiking, climbing, and camping.

Its ripstop polyester material will prevent it from getting torn.

Even when it’s raining heavily, you can continue your expedition without being worried about getting your items wet as it has a water-resistant feature and also an extra rain cover pouch.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality nylon fabric build gives it strong durability
  • Spacious main compartment and number of pouches provide a large storage capacity
  • Ran cover placed in the bottom part prevents it from getting wet or dust to get inside
  • An ergonomic and adjustable shoulder strap ensures maximum comfort
  • Separate room for strong shoes keeps the inside clean

#12. HOMIEE Hiking Backpack 50L

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HOMIEE Hiking Backpack can be your best buddy in your next adventure. This self-sustained backpack is able to carry all of the resources on your back that you need for your expedition.

Such as your shelter, sleeping bag, apparel, cooking appliance, food, and other items.

This backpack will give you the strength and spirit to go the extra mile further. Its ergonomic design chest strap can decrease the pressure on your shoulder and also prevent the shoulder strap from moving left and right.

This gives you a great balance while hiking and saves unnecessary labor.

It has a drawstring tightened with the top of the bag, which gives you a convenient experience on your journey.

No more worries about getting your backpack scratched while on the go as it is made OF 420D lattice nylon scratch-resistant materials.

The shoulder strap is also made of high-quality nylon. As for the capacity, it can hold a bucket of water.

You will see a hook in the backpack to hang the water bag, so you will be able to drink water while walking and release your hands.

You can keep your phone, card, and other essential items in the two small pockets on the waist strap. There are reflective strips so that you can see them while hiking trails.

Its chest buckle has a survival whistle; it’s very easy to use and practically makes your journey much safer.

This backpack is large enough to store your 3-5 days of hiking items. There is padding to create a large ventilation channel that lets the air circulate freely to make sure of the best ventilation.

The shoulder strap length can easily be adjusted that regulate the backpack’s gravity center.

Its large U-shaped 2-way zip opening and also bottom hollow enables you to get quick access to the main compartment.

Lastly, the backpack is priced under $100, so, it’s quite a cheap option for hikers.

Highlighted Features

  • The facility of keeping heavy items on the top of the backpack and near the back
  • Chest strap is able to decrease the weight pressure on the shoulder
  • The top of the backpack is tightened using a drawstring, making it very convenient
  • Thanks to the 400D lattice plain nylon that talks ultimate durability
  • A hook in the backpack is there to hang the water bag

#13. Loowoko 50L Backpack

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Whether it’s a hot summer afternoon or a monsoon evening of a heavy shower, the Loowoko Hiking 50L Backpack will stay by your side like a guardian angel.

This backpack comes with a high-capacity main compartment to keep your gears safe and secure.

It has enough padding on the back panel and shoulder straps to alleviate the stress on your back, shoulder, and hips to offer you an amazing comfortable hiking experience.

The Loowoko Hiking backpack will let you carry 50 liters of storage, so in case you’re planning for a multi-day hiking trip, this pack turns out to be a perfect choice.

Keeping all your items such as clothing, gear, and equipment you need for even week-long hiking has become a lot easier as it has a spacious main compartment.

This backpack is specially designed with multiple pockets on its exterior where you can keep your items such as a compass, maps, and knives.

It has a mesh side pocket where you can keep the water bottles that will keep you hydrated along the journey.

Also, having these extra pockets and compartments offers you a well-organized system to keep your items at easy access.

When it comes to durability, you can rely on this backpack with your eyes closed as it’s made from durable fabric.

It’s designed from ripstop polyester, which helps to put a stop to small tears on the track so that it doesn’t spread all the way.

Also, its adjustable belt will let you fit it comfortably around the torso, making it a great choice for all heights and body shapes.

It has 9 adjustable straps on its exterior for attaching items such as hammocks, mats, sleeping bags, and tripods.

This hiking backpack also offers you a rain cover that is going to protect your necessary items during heavy rainfall.

Highlighted Features

  • The polyester lining makes it ultra-durable
  • Breathable mesh shoulder straps give you a comfortable carrying experience
  • Extra pockets and compartments let you keep your items well-organized
  • High elastic, breathable back support for great ventilation
  • Ripstop polyester keeps your water bottle safe and secure

#14. Mardingtop 65+10L/65L Packs

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The Mardingtop backpack will let you climb the high mountain with the world on your shoulder. This tactical backpack is quite a favorite among the military and civilian people around the world for its great storage facility.

This bag was built to carry heavy loads. Let it be personal gear or even professional equipment, you can carry anything inside this beast.

It comes with multiple molle loops to let you hang and cram a sleeping bag, towel, tent, trekking poles, and other items.

It will keep your gears safe even when you are walking through a rainstorm as it comes with 600D water-resistant polyester and that too with high-end quality.

And YKK zipper adds great durability to this backpack. With the chest straps, you are going to have a nice and comfortable carrying experience along the way.

On the top lid, you can store small items such as maps, tools, and keys. Having zipped access, you can easily reach the main compartment.

Also, the detachable side pocket enables you to carry 1000ml water bottles or other big tools, making it very user-friendly.

There are multiple side pockets where you can put your snacks, charger, and water bottle easily. This assault pack comes with a hydration compartment where you can carry a 5-liter bladder.

You will also see a sleeping bag compartment at the bag’s bottom, which will provide you with a cozy resting facility during your expedition.

Undoubtedly, you are going to like the adjustable torso lengths that lets you orient your items depending on 3 different shapes – small, medium, and large.

Its S-shaped shoulder strap elevates your comfort a lot better.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a great storage capability
  • Adjustable chest strap to improve your carrying experience
  • A good amount of MOLLE webbing enables you to keep all sorts of emergency kits
  • 600D water-resistant polyester secures your items during rain
  • Spacious top pocket for keeping essential items at easy access

#15. WASING 55L Internal Frame Backpack

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So, now we drag the shutter down of this review session with the Wasing 55L Backpack!

At times, we quickly set out for a short trip around the corners on sudden notice, right? There’s hardly any time to pack bags and take your entire room with you. That’s when a simple and short backpack comes into play.

The Wasing 55L comes with such a feature. Its 55 liters of storage may not be a perfect suit for a 5-day long tour, but for a sudden outing, there’s hardly any alternative to this type of bag. You just grab it, pack it, and set out to explore!

What is more, the bag comes with a bottom compartment that has zippered access. That’s comfort with security right there!

Made from Rip-Stop Polyester material, the bag is quite sturdy and strong. You can easily take it to wherever you want without the worry of it getting torn apart or suffering from puncture and scratch.

The polyester makes sure that the valuables inside the bag are well-secured from getting wet and damp. Yes, it’s waterproof, as well.

Having a molded foam back panel means you’re in luck. It’s going to be super-comfortable for you as it will make sure there’s enough airflow.

The shoulder straps also come with deep and dense padding to make sure your shoulders don’t hurt.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a single contoured aluminum frame bar for easy adjustment
  • Water-resistant ripstop polyester material for durability
  • Equipped with a full-on rain cover top to be used in rainy journeys
  • Molded foam back panel for easy airflow
  • Padded shoulder strap for comfortable carrying

Features To Look For Before Buying

Before you purchase your hiking pack, there are some features you need to concentrate on.

Below are some of the considerations you should take care of.


When it comes to getting the perfect hiking pack, its size is the first thing you should take into consideration. The unit of pack measurement is done by liters, which indicates its volume.

A day pack that can hold the stuff for a big guy is nearly about 25-30 liters. But for much longer hiking, such as overnight stay or winter hiking, you will need at least 40-45 liters to board all of your required stuff.

Back System

A good back system is defined by its degree of ventilation to your back. Packs that have at least two vertical ribs of foam provide optimum comfort to your back.

The foams can be firmly attached by a mesh material. However, this system is perfect for your smaller day packs.

You will get a back-ventilation system on some pro-series specification packs. But then you will have to compromise the flexible mesh back support that ensures your maximum comfort.

The advantage of having this is that you will get good airflow for your back. So, you won’t have to deal with that annoying sweaty back issue that can ruin your comfort in warm weather.

But the weight of your pack will obviously be pushed out. So, when you are carrying an extra-large backpack, it can mess up with your center of gravity, which is not going to be a comfortable feeling.

That’s why for most of the time, you won’t find this feature in larger versions of packs.

You may get an adjustable back length with the larger day hiking packs, which will enable you to adjust the pack to your back with maximum comfort.

You might want to check out a couple of different packs, most importantly, the weight and level of comfort before purchasing one.

Hip Belt

These are not necessarily needed in smaller day packs. But in larger models, having this feature is a great way to unroll the load between your shoulder and hips.

You will find a heavily supported cushioned support belt in most of the larger models.

And there are some hiking backpacks that are specially designed for women to adjust properly with their more rounded waist.

You should get the one that has a small zipped pocket. It’s perfect for carrying small objects like a snack bar, GPS, or your compass.

Shoulder Straps

If you want to get a pack that has great ventilation and comfort, then go for that one that has mesh-covered padding.

There are some special models designed for women that come with shoulder-strap shaped to fit the female form.

When it comes to this sort of model, firstly, fit the hip belt before you adjust the shoulder strap.

Lid Pockets

It is recommended that you get the one that has external and internal zipped pockets. This feature comes in handy for some common necessary items like hats, maps, or gloves.

You won’t have to worry about getting your important items wet as they will remain dry in the internal pocket under the lid.

Mesh Side Pockets

You will find this useful feature in almost all the packs out there in the market, and it’s usually laid down on one or the other side of the pack.

These are supposed to be deep and of a resilient material to carry items like gloves, water pots, or snacks.

You don’t have to worry when carrying the sharp edges of hiking poles as it’s specially built to carry such items firmly and safely.

Hydration System

You would be happy to hear that most of the packs nowadays have an internal pouch that can hold a platypus-type water bladder.

To pass through the drinking tube, there’s also a little outlet hole. If you are looking to have such a drinking system in your pack, then you can go for such packs that have a hydration pouch.

Integral Rain Cover

This is one of the most common features you will find in almost all sorts of hiking backpacks out there. These are usually placed in a little zipped pocket at the bottom of the pack.

You can remove or pull the cover over easily when it comes to protecting your stuff from the rainwater.

However, it has limitations; so, you have to use an internal pack liner to make sure your components are safe.

Chest Strap

When you are hiking in difficult terrain where steadiness is important, then having a chest strap can be pretty useful.

It will fasten across your chest, which will help your body to stabilize the load. There’s a little disadvantage to using it, as it can create breathing difficulty and make you feel irritated when using it for a long time.

If you can find the one which has an adjustable up and down shoulder strap, then it’s great. There are some chest straps that come with a whistle included.

Unfortunately, if you ever get lost while hiking, this can come in handy to find your exact location.

Buying Online

This is essential to remember whenever it comes to buying any product online, you should have a look at the seller’s return policy before you purchase.

We would suggest you get your finest choice, and when you receive it, try it out at home.

If it doesn’t meet your requirements, you should return or exchange it for something else.


A larger version of a day pack with most of the features mentioned above can cost you near about 120$.

Don’t get a heart attack yet; if you are under budget, then you can always get a day pack with a limited feature for as little as 18$.

But we wouldn’t recommend this as the best option for carrying a large number of gears on a long day.

However, if you are a beginner who is just about to start hiking for the first time, you can go for it without a second thought.

With your experience, you will understand what pack you really need in your hiking. Truth be told, the more you can afford to manage in purchasing your pack, the more features you will get.

Top-Rated Brands on the Market

Let’s face it! These days, you’ll find tons of different options around the market, especially when it comes to picking up the hiking pack for tall or big guys. But frankly speaking, all of them are not that good for hiking!

No worries, we’ve got you covered!

We’re presenting a couple of top-notch brands, which are extremely good in terms of manufacturing hiking packs. And yes, you can rely on their products with your eyes closed.

So, let’s get familiar with the 5 most popular and efficient brands available:


Hands down, it’s one of the best brands for manufacturing a lot of different types of hiking backpacks for big and tall people.

Founded in 1974, it’s running for years and years. The classy design and durability make their products great for traveling or hiking. 

TETON Sports

If size matters a lot to you, then the brand “TETON Sports” should be your go-to option.

Most of their products, especially the hiking packs are of big size, making them quite efficient for big guys. 

High Sierra

Founded in 1978, the particular brand “High Sierra” has a reputation for making reasonable and durable items with distinctive details.

So, whether you’re planning for far and near, trails or roads, choosing hiking packs from this brand won’t be a house of cards at all!

Gregory Mountain Products

The name speaks for itself, the popularity of this brand is increasing day by day on account of its mountain products.

And when we talk about the hiking packs, most of its products are equipped with thick padding, ensuring maximum comfort during riding, hiking, or traveling.  


Are you looking for a high-end backpack for big guys? If so, it’s better to get your hands on this well-known brand named “Kelty”.

Founded in 1952 and owned by Exxel Outdoors. Not only travel backpacks, but it manufactures tents, and sleeping bags as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Companies That Make Packs For Bigger Guys?

Yes, there are a number of companies that make packs for big guys. Among them, Osprey is one of the best.

How Do I Find The Perfect Size For Me?

Finding the right size is easy. What matters the most here is the shape of your body and height. If you are a big guy, you might want to get an adjustable length pack. It will let you change the length of your pack.

The brand Osprey has some great models for big guys like you. It is easily adjustable and also lets you carry a lot of stuff.

They are exceptionally built to carry heavyweights. On the other hand, when it comes to comfort, they will provide you with great service.

Is It Safe To Purchase Online?

Yes, it is safe to purchase online if you follow these suggestions. Firstly, don’t buy from any unauthorized sellers.

They will try to lure you by showing an attractive image and unbelievably low cost. Some buyers often fall for such traps and end up being scammed. So, don’t be another victim of those scums.

Before buying your pack, be sure about its return policy. In case it doesn’t fit right, or you notice other issues, then you can always return.

Is Integral Rain Cover That Useful?

To be honest, in most conditions, they are useful. But they have their limitations; they can protect your stuff inside when you are hiking under light or medium rainy weather.

But if the rain gets too heavy or you have to spend more than an hour under such weather, then you have to consider getting an external cover.

Is Teton Exports Explorer A Good Choice?

Yes! Indeed. This is a well-known and popular brand in the market for a long time.

And it comes under a budget deal with some amazing features like a rain cover, great ventilation and suspension system, a sleeping bag compartment, and a lot of adjustable features.

Having such awesome features at such a low-price range is like a dream come true.

What Is The Most Lightweight Pack On The Market?

When it comes to lightweight packs, Gregory is one of the best in the market, without a doubt.

Comfortable airflow and soft feeling on your back – these are the two top features you can find on the bags from Gregory.

One of the most popular ones from their house, the Gregory Optic 48, comes with a number of fascinating features with a lightweight design that can make it an absolute choice for most hikers.

Why Do I Need A Back-Ventilation System?

Having a back-ventilation system on your pack is great! The main benefit of having it is that you will get good airflow between you and the pack.

So, you won’t have to deal with that annoying sweaty back issue that can ruin your comfort on hot days and warm nights.

What Is The Best Pack For Carrying Heavy Loads?

I would defiantly recommend the High Sierra when it comes to carrying heavy loads. It has two aluminum stays that are going to provide great support when carrying heavy loads.

It also comes with shoulder straps, a waist belt, and an amazing back panel. This feature makes it one of the best packs in the market for carrying heavy loads in hiking.

This one can become that long-cherished donkey you have always wanted whenever you had to carry heavy loads.

Final Words

Finding the best hiking backpacks for big guys may not sound like a tough task, but in reality, it is far from being easy.

There are numerous products that fail to meet the basic needs of a big dude, let alone the quality.

We believe our selection will live up to the mark for you. Share us your thought and let us know which one you liked.

Keep exploring!

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