15 Super Cool Hiking Gifts For Dad [He Will Surely Love]

An outdoor adventure is something you won’t find many people saying no to.

Mainly because of the pandemic, people have been craving the chance to get some fresh air and enjoy the serene beauty of nature.

With father’s day coming in just a few days, a hiking accessory can be an excellent gift for your dad.

If your dad is an outdoor enthusiast, no gift will make him feel loved and appreciated, like a fabulous hiking gift.

So, here are our Top 15 amazing hiking gifts for dad.

15 Exclusive Hiking Gift Ideas

Before getting any gift, you have to consider the budget. There are lots of cool gifts available at almost every price range that your dad will really appreciate.

But if you take the time to research a bit, you can find extraordinary gifts on a low budget.

For our recommendations, we will give you some fantastic gift ideas that cover every budget category that you can have.

#1. Outdoor Survival Kits

outdoor survival kit

Whether your dad is a seasoned hiker or just getting interested in hiking, outdoor survival kits are something he will appreciate having with him regardless of his skills in hiking.

Outdoor survival kits are multipurpose kit boxes that come with various tools that you might need to survive in the outdoors.

The kits come with necessary items like strings, wires, sharp blades, basic first aid, flares, fire starter kits, and many more things that will come in handy if you get lost outdoors.

These survival kits come in a broad price range from under 25 dollars or even over 200 dollars.

In addition, these kits are lightweight and portable, so your dad will easily be able to take one of them with him on his hiking trails.

And if he ever gets in a bind while hiking, he will certainly like having one with him.

#2. National Park Pass

National Park Pass

National parks are some of the best places to go on hiking adventures.

They are well maintained and have safe environments for families to camp and relax or for seasoned hikers to explore hard-to-reach areas.

If your dad is someone who loves to go and take his family on hiking trips frequently, he can certainly take advantage of the national park pass.

Most countries in the world have national parks, and the passes are available for purchase.

In the united states, an ‘America the Beautiful’ pass will cost you $80 for a year’s worth of access into 2000 federally owned and managed national parks, wildlife refuge and sanctuaries, and national monuments.

The $80 pass will grant entry to a vehicle of 4 people over 16 years old into these parks.

#3. Hiking GPS Or Navigation App

hiking GPS

Although many people go hiking to get away from the daily noise of modern technology and media, a good hiking navigation app or a hiking GPS can undoubtedly enhance your hiking experience.

They can keep you aware of nearby dangerous areas and wildlife.

Hiking GPS devices can be bought as handheld devices or as wristwatches. But, even the cheapest GPS device will cost you upwards of 100 dollars, with the better ones going for $200-$300.

A cheaper alternative to that is purchasing a hiking navigation app. Your smartphone has a powerful GPS that you can take advantage of with the proper software.

Modern GPS apps have layered maps, terrain info, wind direction, humidity, snow coverage, and helpful information to help you with hiking.

#4. Multi-Tool Or Swiss Army Knife

Swiss army knife

Any seasoned outdoorsman will tell you the importance of having a Swiss army knife on your person while you go on a hiking trip.

In cases of emergency, having a multi-tool like a Swiss army knife in your inventory can end up saving your life.

While many models of Swiss army knives are available, other multi-tool gadgets have recently gained popularity.

There are specialized multi-tools made for hikers and campers that offer fewer tools than the Swiss army knife but have other helpful functionality.

#5. Portable Water Filters

portable water filter

As the name suggests, portable water filters allow you to filter unclean water while you are somewhere outdoors.

It is nearly impossible to bring a large amount of water on a foot hiking trip because water weighs a lot, and a portable water filter can alleviate that problem.

For portable water filters, you want to go for either a bottle filter or a straw filter. The bottle filter fits on the head of a regular water bottle and purifies the water as you drink through it.

A straw filter looks like a wider straw that you can use to suck water from a source, and it will make the water drinkable as it reaches your mouth.

Portable water filters are economical, coming in under $25-$50, and it’s a gift any outdoorsman will love.

#6. Monocular

While binoculars are a great tool to bring on a hiking trip, they can certainly be cumbersome and heavy. That’s where a monocular comes in.

Basically, they are like half of a binocular. A monocular is very lightweight and can be used with one hand.

Hikers may prefer a small but useful 10 x 25 zoom monocular. There are unique models made for hiking that have anti lens flare, waterproof, dust-resistance, and photosensitivity features.

Monoculars come in a wide price range.

For instance, you can find a reliable waterproof model with a 10 x 25 zoom for under $25-$30, but we recommend spending a bit more to get a more durable one for under $50.

#7. No-Slip Harness

Bringing your pet on a trip is a wonderful experience. If your family owns a pet a goes on hiking trips; a no-slip harness is a thing that you should always have.

While your pets appreciate getting to share that experience with you, they can get startled or distracted by the wildlife and nature and slip off their harness and chase something.

That’s why a no-slip harness is needed.

A robust harness can be a very thoughtful gift for your dad. He will certainly appreciate knowing that you care for the animal’s safety and have the foresight to give him such a well-thought-out gift.

#8. Bluetooth Speaker

Many people enjoy listening to music as they take in the natural sights while hiking. However, it is entirely a bad idea to use headphones or earphones.

On a hike, you always have to be aware of your surrounding, and a big part of that is sound.

So, the best way to enjoy music is with a Bluetooth speaker at a modest volume that doesn’t disrupt the wildlife or annoy nearby people.

If your dad is a person who loves listening to his favorite tracks on a hike, a Bluetooth speaker will make an ideal gift for him.

You won’t have to spend a fortune to get a high-quality, waterproof, and portable Bluetooth speaker.

They are available in a price range from $50 to $100.

#9. Trekking Poles

trekking poles

Trekking poles will make a wonderful gift for your dad if he wants to take on more difficult hiking challenges.

These poles are great for hiking on steep roads, whether you are climbing up or coming downhill.

Hiking on steep roads takes a lot of toll on your knees. And as your dad advances in age, skeletal health is something he should take care of sooner rather than later.

And if he is not very cautious about his own health, you can look out for him by gifting him trekking poles.

Trekking poles can be a bit more expensive, as you want a quality product that can support a lot of weight.

But, you should be able to find a light and reliable pair of poles for less than $100.

#10. Massage Balls And Rollers

Hiking can take a toll on your muscles, tensing them up and causing cramps and discomfort for days after you come back from the trail.

And nothing releases the tensions from your muscles and makes you feel like a million bucks as a post-hike massage.

Massage rollers and balls will make your dad happier than you think. These easy-to-use massage items are portable and can be left in the car.

Then, after the hike finishes, you can put a roller or a ball behind your back and massage it while driving home.

Various massage rollers and balls can be found from $10 to $50 and upwards.

#11. Walkie-Talkies

There is a child inside every man, and nothing brings out our inner children like a walkie-talkie. They are just so much fun to use and are surprisingly useful during a group hiking trip.

Walkie-talkies let you communicate with your party in areas with no network coverage if you get separated from them for some reason. Modern walkie-talkies have a surprisingly long range and a powerful signal.

Having a pair of walkie-talkies might encourage your dad to bring you along on hiking trips. You and your dad can also make a lot of fun uses of them around the house.

A pair of walkie-talkies won’t cost you more than $50.

#12. Headlamp

A headlamp is a protective survival gear for the off chance that you might get stranded or lost out in the wild during the night.

Darkness in the outdoors can be terrifying, and having to constantly hold up a flashlight keeps you from doing things with both hands.

In such cases, a headlamp can be a blessing. It can also be an excellent tool for exploring caverns and other dark areas.

Headlamps are lightweight and battery-powered. They can be attached to your forehead with a strap and are pretty inexpensive.

#13. Raincoat

A raincoat is certainly something every outdoorsman can appreciate, especially if they like to hike in areas with a lot of rainfall throughout the year.

Getting caught out in the rain on a hike will definitely ruin your experience. It can damage your gear and equipment and seep into your food.

It’s always a good idea to bring a lightweight raincoat or rain jacket along on your camping trip if the weather forecast has even a tiny chance of raining.

So, it’s a gift your dad will certainly love. You can find them from just $15 to upwards of $60.

#14. Hiking Backpack

hiking backpack

Hikers need to bring a lot of stuff with them, especially if they want to camp out.

If your dad likes to camp but doesn’t have a good hiking backpack to make an overnight hiking and camping adventure, a hiking backpack might be the best thing for him.

Hiking backpacks come in multiple varieties. For heavy carriage, there are the traditional large models that are famously seen on campers.

There are also smaller lightweight ones that have many pockets and can hold many things in a small space.

These things are available from $100, but the higher-end prices go up a lot because modern backpacks have a lot of added functionality.

But you should be able to find one under your budget.

#15. Portable Grill

Although many national parks and camping grounds have grilling sites, they certainly aren’t available at local camping spots.

But there is no reason why you have to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a nice grilled meal with your friends and family.

If your dad is into grilling and hiking, portable grill grates will make him extremely happy and add a new element to your family’s hiking trips.

They are inexpensive and can be used around the house too.


Hopefully, you were able to find a suitable option from our ideas for 15 amazing hiking gifts for dad.

So, this father’s day, surprise your dad with one of these cool gifts to let him know how much you love him and admire his passion for hiking.

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