How Long Does Jetboil Fuel Last? [Practically Tested]

Running out of fuel for Jetboil when you are miles away from civilization is a situation we never want to experience.

Without fuel for the stove, hot meals will not be the first thing you start missing when camping out in winter.

If you are going on a camping trip any time soon, figuring out exactly how much Jetboil fuel you will need beforehand always helps.

But before you start worrying about running out of fuel, here are some factors that will help you determine exactly how long does Jetboil fuel last.

So, let’s dive into the details.

So, How Long Does Jetboil Fuel Last?

jetboil fuel bottle

It depends entirely on how often you use your stove. Jetboil fuel comes in three different sized canisters: 100g, 230g, 450g. You can expect the smallest canister to last from 3 days up to 5 days.

The 230g canister is ideal for camping trips over a week and lasts till ten days on average. However, the largest one can last for two weeks up to two months.

How To Figure Out How Much Jetboil Fuel You Will Need?

Buy a canister that is supposed to last you throughout your entire trip based on average usage. For instance, if you’re to camp for a week, buy a 230g canister of Jetboil fuel as it is supposed to last you throughout the week.

Test out the canister by preparing the number of hot meals and tea or coffee you will be making on your trip.

If you want to boil water for beverages twice and prepare two hot meals per day throughout the week, cook those meals using the Jetboil fuel for the exact amount of time.

If you run out of fuel before a week, you will need a bigger canister for cooking all these meals.

And even if you last throughout the week after cooking your meals, always carry a small 100g canister with you for extra precaution.

Does Jetboil Last Long In Cold Weather?

Jetboil in cold weather

During colder seasons, you will go through the entire Jetboil fuel canister much faster than you normally would in warmer weather.

The cold will lower the pressure from the canister, which will reduce your stove’s output. As a result, it will take you much longer to light the stove and cook the meals.

If you are camping out on top of a mountain where the cold temperature is usually below freezing, keeping the canister warm with hot pockets will help you a lot.

Covering the canister with foam is also very helpful if you want to keep it warm.

You can store the canister in a relatively warmer place, such as keeping it inside the tents before you use it, so the canister works faster than expected.

Make sure to remove it from the stove as soon as you are done cooking and store it again at its usual warm storage place.

You can also increase the stove’s performance by placing the fuel canister on a less cold surface rather than placing it directly in contact with the cold ground.

This will keep your canister functional throughout its usage and help you to speed up the duration of cooking.

If you plan to cook outside and the weather is at freezing temperature, you can always invest in a regulator that will deliver constant heat.

All things considered, it is an investment that you will thank yourself for.

How Do I Preserve Jetboil Fuel, So It Runs Out At A Slow Pace?

You will have to cut down on your hot meals as less usage means the fuel runs out at a slower pace.

If you were thinking of having two warm meals, cut it down to one warm meal. You can bring cans of food with you that require no cooking for your other meals.

Make sure you are not preparing something that requires more than a simple warming up. For things that do require a long time, such as roasting marshmallows, opt for a bonfire instead of using your canister for fuel.

Bring some Thermo flasks with you so that you do not have to constantly heat water and instead boil water once and pour it in different containers for water, tea, and coffee.

Also, use food containers that can help you keep your food warm if you end up heating more food than you finish at once.

Which Canister Should I Buy As A Beginner?

Jeboil canister

Jetboil fuel canisters have less to do with your camping experience and more with the weight of the canister and the amount of fuel you get.

However, practicing cooking with the fuel that will last you during the upcoming trip and carrying the canister with the camping gears will help you a long way.

The canister’s weight is very important as you will have to carry around all your camping gear and equipment with you throughout the trip.

So, do practice carrying around your camping equipment along with your canister at home or at a standard campground that is easy to get used to as beginners.

And as for the amount of fuel you might need, read on below for more details on exactly how many meals a canister can provide you.

100g Canister

If you are taking all the measures mentioned above, to make sure the canister lasts as long as possible, the smallest canisters will last up to almost 14 hot meals.

However, results will vary if you are preparing food that takes longer to warm up.

230g Canister

With the utmost effort in minimizing usage and relatively warm weather, a 230g canister that is essential for weeklong trips will last up to 40 warm meals.

And if you end up saving some fuel, you can always use it on another trip and save bucks!

450g Canister

The largest canister available will lessen your worries of running out of fuel when camping for a couple of weeks or more than a month. It certainly lasts double the time of the 250g canister with minimal usage.

However, carrying around this large canister while hiking will be a matter of concern.

Also, as a measure of safety, remember to check your canister to see if it has gotten rusty or whether it still functions properly over time.

The fuel, however, does not come with a date of expiration.

Realizing that your canister has ceased to function while you have already reached your camping destination is a nightmare that we are all willing to avoid at any cost.


Now that you have a complete and thorough guide on determining how long does Jetboil fuel last, figuring out which Jetboil fuel canister is the perfect fit for you should be a piece of cake!

As a last reminder, and we can not stress this enough, keep an extra 100g canister after you have bought the canister that is esteemed to supply you fuel throughout your trip, especially if you are camping in a remote area.

After all, you can never be too prepared for camping trips!

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