What To Wear On A Hiking Date [For Winter & Summer]

Kudos to you for finally getting a hiking date!

We assure you these moments can be as precious as ever. But have you got any idea of what to wear on a hiking date?

You surely do not want to dress up in a boring old style. Nor do you want to dress more than necessary.

So, you will need to balance the equation of great look, comfort, and safety. We know it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Fear not! We are here to pave an easy route for you.

Check out some of the mandatory clothing you might wear for an enjoyable and safe hiking date, looking stylish at the same time.

Let’s dive right in!

Why Is Selecting Appropriate Hiking Clothing Important?

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You might like dressing up smart on every date. As easy as it is to pick a wardrobe for a casual date, choosing an outfit for a hiking date is far too hard.

Imagine wearing a fashionable and chic outfit to a hiking date.

Despite other obstacles in the mountains or hill tracts, your outfit would add to the number of hindrances. Your partnership might even think of you being extravagant.

On such an extraordinary occasion, you might end up impressing your partner if you can pull off smart clothing.

What To Wear On A Hiking Date?

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You do you. If you want your companion to experience your best look, keep it simple.

Let us show you some of the best hiking clothes that are also superbly comfortable.

Hiking Shirts

One thing to note when you go hiking, that too for a date– is whether your wardrobe is sweaty. Any piece of clothing that makes you sweaty is an instant red flag.

When the weather is warm and pleasant, a plaid shirt would definitely look chic and go well with your archetypal hiking appearance.

But, you will easily become sweaty. Other great options are available that look fantastic and keep you refreshed.

Try looking for shirts with dry-wicking fabric, which allows sweat evaporation and controls odor. As shirts made of polyester dry out quickly, these are your best choices.

Look out for shirts having underarm gussets that allow easy movements and prevents chafing.

A decent hiking shirt will have pockets to store relevant items for a hike, like lip balms and hair bands.

Choose the best combination of fashion, comfort, and safety.

Preferred shirt design for men: Simple shirts with some minimal patterns.

Preferred shirt design for women: U-shaped or V-shaped shirt top that will look attractive.


  • Casual wear
  • Comfortable wear
  • Lightweight, soft, and short length
  • It can be styled on any occasion
  • Neutral color to hide dirt

Hiking Pants

Preferably, the hiking pants you select must provide insulation, breathability, and protection– alongside looking chic, of course. Steer clear of cotton pants as they take eons to dry once you get wet.

Instead, go for pants crafted from polyester or merino wool. If you intend to go on a hiking date in winter, the merino wool pants will offer great insulation, while polyester pants are excellent for quick-drying and breathability.

Recommendation: Wear your polyester pants over another piece of clothing. Otherwise, the direct contact with your skin can feel uncomfortable.

Always choose the hiking pant that fits you well.

Preferred pant design for men: Rugged cargo pants with dark colors that match hiking shoes.

Preferred pant design for women: Polyester or cargo pants with bright colors.


  • Protects from the hot sun
  • Many pockets to carry essentials
  • Best suited for climbing and hiking
  • Different sizes and color options are available
  • Comfortable and lightweight

Hiking Leggings

Ladies, are you looking for a minimal option to ace that hiking date look?

Here you go!

The best hiking leggings will offer unrestricted movements that boost up your confidence while hiking. They look great and help to keep your legs warm.

Lightweight and comfortable, leggings come in different colors and sizes. You can’t go wrong with them! When you hike in the monsoon, dark colors will help cover any mud splashes.

In summer, however, pants are better than leggings as they tend to stick to your legs, making them sweaty.

Talking from a fashion perspective, otherwise, leggings offer great stretchability and comfort while hiking.

Be careful as some leggings are capable of tearing up. You don’t want to wear torn leggings on a date!


  • Midsection gets soft compression
  • Pockets to secure smartphone or other small objects
  • Stylish appearance with smaller length
  • Perfect for an outdoor workout like gym
  • Hides your tummy bulge

Hiking Shorts

We would say hiking shorts are the most comfortable summer outfits. After all, if you got some nice legs, what’s the harm in showing them with decent shorts that suit you?

The shorts give better ventilation, ease of movement, and comfort than your regular hiking pants.

Shorts, made of durable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying material, absorb much less moisture. They are UV-protected as well.

Pair your shorts with pockets. What else do you need?

If you are thinking about colors, fret not as we got you covered. Do you want to twin with your partner?

Grab army green hiking shorts– they suit both females and males fantastically. Even more, this color matches almost every skin stone.

Obviously, there are other great options to choose from.

Preferred pants design for men: Cargo shorts or TerraTex nylon blend.

Preferred shorts for women: Bermuda shorts made of nylon and cotton.


  • Two sides and two back pockets
  • Closed zipper with buttons for extra comfort
  • 98% cotton available
  • Style and comfort for a workout

Hiking Skirt

Are you among the ladies who are suckers for mini skirts? Unless the weather is not too severe, nothing should stop you from wearing skirts. Your partner might find you a lot cuter, gentle, and girly.

Skirts have no chances to let sweat accumulate, giving you proper ventilation. However, it leaves your legs prone to danger.

If you want to feel more beautiful and special, do a skirt. After all, your hiking date deserves to see you at your best!


  • Great Ventilation
  • Cute color range
  • Stylish design cut
  • Suitable for both workout and hiking

Hiking Jacket

Confused between button-down and zip-up jackets? We would definitely suggest the zip-up jackets for their convenience. It’s better to check the water and winter resistance features.

Depending on your hiking climate, choose a type of hiking jacket. For instance, during other seasons, a lightweight running jacket shall be enough. If you want to store your essentials, jackets having pockets will be the best for you.

For the colder months, a thick jacket paired with a hat will give you protection. While boasting a fashionable appearance, your fur jacket will keep you warm.

Regardless of the season, try to find a jacket having vents that will allow regulating your body heat.

An ideal choice would be jackets made of nylon as they are waterproof and give adequate breathability.

Preferred hiking jacket for men: Double-layered thick waterproof jacket.

Preferred hiking jacket for women: Fur jacket with hoods.


  • Comfortable and soft
  • Side pockets with zips available
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish colors
  • Polyester materials

Hiking Backpack

Going on a hiking date without a backpack? Hell no! Your hiking date will be no less than a disaster then.

Backpacks are not bulky affairs if you think so. You can get astonishingly fashionable backpacks in different colors that look amazing while hiking.

Multiple side pockets are available to store accessories and water bottles. Usually, hiking backpacks are made of water-resistant and anti-scratch fabrics. These materials last a long-time, so they provide durability.

Do not go for backpacks that make your back sweaty. Opt for hiking backpacks with a minimum of 2 zippered compartments– one for a mesh panel and another for storage– to prevent getting a sweaty back.

You may also consider having a fanny pack if you really don’t want to carry any backpack.

Preferred hiking backpack design for women: Women, having wider hips, bigger bosoms, and smaller torsos than men, should select a design based on their size.

Hiking backpacks with waist belts and shoulder straps are appropriate. Otherwise, go for backpacks with hip belts and padded straps for comfort.

Preferred hiking backpack design for men: Men need comfort around their shoulders and arms.

Thus, backpacks featuring padded shoulder straps and arm support are appropriate for men. 


  • Moisture-resistant properties
  • Multiple compartments
  • Roomy design with side pockets
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Gear organization

Hiking Boots

You would not want to compromise on your hiking shoes, right?

After all, what good is a hiking date if you cannot walk properly on the trail? For your performance and comfort, hiking boots are the essential factors of this whole trip.

Invest a wise amount of time to choose boots that allow moving comfortably. Also, right hiking boots do not mean they cannot be fashionable.

Choose dark-colored boots that can conceal dirt and offer proper support. Some hiking boots are water-resistant as well, so you do not have to worry about dirtying your boots with mud.

In case of falls or twists, boots with high cuts over the ankle can provide great grip.

Flexible soles are wise for short hikes, and stiffer soles go well with longer hikes. The more lightweight your hiking boot is, the more comfortable your hiking date will be.

Preferred hiking boot design for women: Narrow design at the heel area. Smaller sizes are better as their heels are tinier.

Preferred hiking boot design for men: Dark-colored boots with thinner underfoot.


  • Flexible design
  • Fast track
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Protective
  • Tough construction

Factors That Determine What To Wear On A Hiking Date

hiking date

No wonder you would want to dress your very best for a hiking date. Of course, dressing nice should be your priority, but other factors can influence what you wear on your hiking date.

Let us see how some factors influence what you integrate into your outfit list:


With no speck of doubt, safety comes first. Safe hiking clothing will save you from any potential hazard that might lurk around based on the weather and environmental conditions.

For instance, you have decided to go hiking on a mountain that contains poison ivy.

To avoid the harsh summer, you decided to wear shorts. Thus, your legs might get exposed to poison ivy, causing accidental rashes on your skin.

It all comes down to how well you know about the region you intend to go on a date. Make smart choices that ensure both of your safety. Fill your date with the good moments.


We all are tempted to wear comfortable clothing wherever we go. Thus, it is recommended that, while hiking, you wear outfits that offer comfort and flexibility.

Do not drench in sweat wearing clothes that do not have proper breathability or ventilation.

Whatever you wear, you must have access to a vast range of movements to move as freely as possible, alongside enjoying the view.

Furthermore, a loose-fitting cloth provides more adaptability. Try out different clothing sizes and shapes to choose one that matches your comfort level.


As lightweight dresses offer adaptability, they can be worn in any weather. Similarly, you should try going for other versatile pieces of clothing.

For example, some pants can transform into shorts, which are suitable for your requirement.

It is always suggested to carry an extra set of an outfit in case of an accident. What if tree sap stains your clothes?

You should be equipped with all the possible scenarios and be cautious. Choose your extra set wisely so that it does not act as a burden to your backpack.

Final Words

That’s a wrap on what to wear on a hiking date. Make sure you anticipate the possible scenarios and carry safety measures to avoid the risks.

If you follow our guide, you will be able to create indelible memories with your partner.

We hope your first hiking date be as beautiful as ever!

Good luck!

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